The most Loved carriers in 2019.

The most loved carriers in 2019.

Success of Lena’s traveling carriers in 2019

Before I listed most loved carriers from our stash in 2019. I would love to share some data from previous year.
We created a booking app somewhere in beginning of spring and we have available data about long term rents and how many test we have done. Thank you Nina Jevtic for amazing job on this to make our lives easier.

We assisted in 2019. around 300 parents in 3 countries with a  long term rent which goes from minimum 3 months to a year.
We had over a 1000 testers in this year testing every single carrier which we got as donation from  brand.
Our carriers have traveled to 120 cities.
We managed to grow our stash this year to 250 carriers and currently we have 100 brands available in our libary. I am really proud on this numbers considering we are small group of mums trying our best to spread a love of babywearing. We also organise many gatherings workshops, photoshooting and video shooting.
We have also gathered 2 donations for NICU in Belgrade Serbia and manage to buy and deliver 2 carriers from Freedloader specialy designed for children with special needs, so one left to School Milan Petrovic in Novi Sad, and other to little boy Jan in Croatia with Spina Bifida. So this was one amazing year and hope many more to come.

BEST SSC carrier in 2019.

Best SSC Carriers of 2019

1. Lenny Upgrade
2. Soul Assema
3. Zumbucca XXL
4. Isara The One
5. Be Lenka

The best Mei Tai in 2019.

The best MeiTai in 2019.
1. Kaya Tai

The best onbuhimo in 2019.

The best Onbuhimo in 2019.
1. Soul Onbuhimo

The best Hybrid carrier in 2019.

The best Hybrid carrier in 2019.
1. Colimacon & Cie Bearded man Emerald

The best handwoven wrap in 2019.

The best handwoven wrap in 2019
1. Vesna on Swallow Wings

The best Ring Slings in 2019.

Best Ring Slings in 2019.
1. Aumai Insignium Black
2. EverySlings Sweetheart Honey Moon
3. Stork Rose Sand
4. Bo D. Amelia Ring Sling
5. Kenhuru Kangaroo Mondo

The best wraps in 2019.

The Best wraps in 2019.
1. Loktu She Bird Garden Onyx
2. Avolve Crazy Dots Cobalt Pumpkin
3. Woven Wings Drop Of Jupiter
4. Luluna Nomeolvides
5. Elirile Blossfolk Vesna

Each year the choice is getting harder for al of us and hope in years to come it will be even harder which will mean that we will have many more carriers to offer ❤️ Thanks to all of our sponsors and all lovely parents which made this group such amazing place to be part of. Lot of love, Ana and admin team

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