Loktu She Bird Garden Onyx

Loktu She Bird Garden Onyx
60% combed cotton, 28% super fine merino wool, 12 % mulberry silk

Luca Rác Szabó, Serbia

Loktu She “Bird Garden Onyx” is the wrap I will never forget. I need to say that I would be extremely happy if the birdies would stay forever in our house! It’s a real perfection. Both sides are incredible, the pattern is very nice, the colours are very delicate and elegant. I can’t decide which side i loved more. A thin, glamorous, butter soft, supportive, airy wrap, which is perfect for every kind of carrying, on the front or on the back, it’s all the same, it’s just perfectly wrapable and very cushy. It was really easy for me to carry my son (1 year old, nearly 11kg) tied in double hammock on my back (otherwise I always have problems to tie Dh with other wraps, because it’s difficult for me to tighten perfectly). So, I am more than satisfied and I need to say, “Bird garden onyx” is one of my really beloved, favourite wraps! I really hope, one day I’m going to own one. Thanx for the possibility Loktu She and Lena’s travelling carriers and wraps!❤️💖❤️

Ivana Tominac, Croatia

This is probably the sofftiest wrap i ever had on my hands ☺️ thin, soft, feels like a cloud. It has really nice desig and it is made for newborns and small babies. Thank you for a chance to try this

Maja Mavrinac, Croatia

We had Loktu She bird garden Onyx with us for a 5 day test. The first time I picked up the wrap it felt quite heavy but really thin and so silky and sort of liquid in Hand. Part od this is probably due to it Being completely broken in, I’m sure. I’ve tried front, back and hipp carriers with it and my 8kg boy and it felt supportive enough for us and comfortable on my shoulders. I do love how thin it feels since I prefer thiner wraps but would personally prefer a bit more grip over how much glide this blend offers. I like how it behaved when it was hot outside and loves the feel on the colder days too!! The design is stunning and I doubt even the most sensitive person could find this merino blend pricky. Would use it for a newborn any day and am sure it can handle a toddler if tightened right.

Manca Gojević, Croatia

This wrap is something I have never had the chance to try, beautiful, soft and thin.
And when I didn’t wrapped my baby the wrap was in my arms 😍
My little 9kg girl made it difficult to me for longer walks in that wrap in a single-layer, it became saggy. But in the multi-layered carry is a different story 🙂
I just liked it so much, the color and contrast, everything was beautiful. Delighted ❤️

Anita Marković, Serbia

This wrap is beautiful and so soft, true cloud. You can feel the You can feel the delicate silk why I wanted to try out this wrap. It feels elastic but it doesn’t drag, even we haven’t wear that long at once. Thank you for the opportunity to test this amazing wrap.

Ivana Ilic, Serbia

amazing, amazing, amazing. The wrap which is perfect to play with, experiment and learn with. Soft, little elastic and with such and interesting pattern that it simply inspire you to try out more. It holds perfectly my 7.5kg baby, even in one layer front carry. This wrap also inspired my toddler to go up. Thank you all for this amazing opportunity.

Stanka Babin, Croatia

This wrap is amaizing! It was love at first touch 😍. We enjoyed testing it. Pattern is very nice and elegant, wrap is thin but supportive. I love how buttery soft it is. It is wrapable and very cushy. I would recomend it for everyone, small babies and toddlers. We just loved having it with us. Thank you Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) for opportunity to test this beauty. #lenastravelingcarriers

Marija Adamovic, Serbia

Thanks to @lenastravelingcarriers I had the opportunity to try twice this wonderful Loktu She Bird Garden Onyx luxurious wrap with mulberry silk and super fine merino wool that feels so gentle even on a naked skin.
After all the testers, this lady wrap is completly broken in, and soooo cushy.
It wraps easily which makes it an excellent wrap for beginners.
Perfect newborn wrap. It´s soft and light like a feather, yet strong enough.
It is elegant, thin and damn beautiful
It does not need any effort to tie it and it also forgives a hasty wrapping without errors. Thanks to mulberry silk, this thin wrap can carry an elefant, and there’s still that cushy feeling on the shoulders.
It’s design, colors and texture makes it perfect for fancy parties, or if you just want to feel elegant.
So far I have found no limits to it’s comfort. Kids I’m carrying has about 11 and 6 kg.
The only problem it is in its composition which gives it all those fantastic features – cotton, wool and silk, but to wash it, you have to make some effort, and hand wash it. Anyhow, you could never tell composition by touch.
This is really an all-rounder wrap.
Thank you Lenine putujuće nosiljke for this extraordinary opportunity.

Ana Frank Krstić, Serbia

Loktu she birds were the second birds that came to us this year for testing. However, these are the first birds with this blend in our wearing internship. The first touch – soft, soft, soft, first look – colors gentle, next to pink, this is my favorite combination. First wrapping, smiles on faces. It knocked us off our feet, honestly. It is so gentle that I was afraid to try the back carries, but it proved to work great. What might be a problem with it is that’s a bit slippery (I believe because of silk) but when it “goes on hand” several times you get used to it. There is little to say we enjoyed it, and little to say how grateful we are for their flight back after testing. We will cuddle and care for it alot.

Maria Cikora, Serbia

We had luck to try this beautiful and this real cloud of wrap. In the moment of testing, baby had 5 months and around 7 kg. Wrap perfectly carried her length and weight. I was amazed when I first touch it, it is the most beautiful blend that I have ever touched. It’s just perfect and it’s making me feel beautiful. I am pretty short so the wrap was little too long for me so I had a big tail but still it’s makes me feel wanting to wrap. Even not so good finishes are great carried in this perfect wrap. Baby didn’t want to be carried so much when this wrap was at us so we didn’t use it as much as we wanted. It’s great that it has those two shades, lighter and darker, so you can combine it as you need. In one word except the length everything else is perfect. The wrap has all recommendations and something we like to have in some further stash. I’m thankful to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) for opportunity to have some time with this beautiful cloud.

Ana Milovanović, Serbia

The garden with birds is too soft wrap. I had my first meeting with wrap that isn’t made of cotton and I was surprised how it’s nice to touch. First day I was literally afraid to come close to it but first wrapping carried away all my fears. I was rushed with my older child to go out, baby didn’t used to be carried in wraps, I wrapped in hurry but there were no problems. It easily carries 9+ kg in one layer. I have to say thanks to this group for opportunity to try this beauty.

Biljana Elek, Serbia

So what else to write about this wonderful thing, and not to repeat like a bird on a branch soft, soft, soft. This soul is in fact so soft that the term “completely broken wrap” after Loktu is taking on a whole new meaning. The wrap came to us at the same time as the first torment with the teeth, so we wrapped it every day repeatedly. We used to cuddle and enjoy and forget about all the other carriers. Baby has just turned five months and is about 6700g and each carry was a enjoy and a song on my shoulders. The wrap ties beautifully. Although it seems thin in the hand, it also forgives speed and slamming. I am sure that because of the silk, it would carry more weight with ease. And pattern 😍😍😍. This is the first wrap dad used to admire and asked if we could keep it. My final impression is that I would probably trade my DISO for this wrap as well.

Kristina Kostic, Serbia

We had the pleasure of hosting this wonderful wrap. It is soft and gentle to the touch, thin. The design is perfect, the colors are beautiful. I like that it has two faces, I can choose if I have a lighter or darker side, that’s a great thing. Easy to wrap and tie, it held the heavy 11 + kg ass nicely, though it is so gentle that I would carry a newborn in it as well. Except it was sliding from my shoulders in a very long walk on nature, in back carry, very possibly not to the wrap, but that I loosely tied it then. I can say that’s the perfect wrap, and all recommendations from me. Thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps)

We are pleased to host this beautiful wrap again. We tested it about nine months ago. Now it is completely broken, perfectly soft and easy to tie. I haven’t tried a thinner wrap so far, and it perfectly holds toddler’s weight of 12kg. In pregnancy, I wore a toddler in a multi-layer carry without any difficulty. Should I mention that it is ideal for newborn, soft, gentle and very light. It is good for beginners too. There’s a lot of glide so it needs to be tightened well (for bigger weight), but then it doesn’t move. Cushy on shoulders, even in one-layered carry. Design is unique and very elegant, the perfect combination of colors. I tested many wraps, but this is my favorite still. All recommendations. Thanks Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Loktu She
#lenastravelingcarriers #loktushe #ltctester

Sara Dabić, Croatia

Thanks to this wonderful group, at the vrey end of our babywearing phase we tried out this wonderful wrap. I really like the combination of colours, it can be combined with really everything. It was really soft to touch and was soft on skin. Unfortunately, since it arrived a bit too late, we didn’t have the chance to enjoy it as much as we wanted.

Natalija Tasic, Serbia

It really was a great pleasure for us to get to know the wrap by renting this wonderful wrap first. The wrap is extremely comfortable, thin and soft material, easy to tie, very secure and supportive, yet its design on two sides of different colors with birds makes it really perfect. Comfortable to wear in warm weather and cold. Thanks a lot for the opportunity.

Ivana Zebeljan Grahovac, Serbia

Thanks to @lenastravelingcarriers I had the opportunity to try this wonderful Loktu She Bird Garden Onyx wrap with mulberry silk and merino wool. This was a love at first site. The baby tester is 7 month old and has 7,5kg. This is the first wrap with silk that I tried and I am blown away. 🙂 The wrap is so soft and thin, I didn’t tried thinner wrap so far, but so cushy on shoulders and very easy for tightening. The design and colors are just in my style. We enjoyed in this opportunity, thank you so much. 🙏🥰

Adnana Hodžić, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) I have possibiliti to rent this ❣️The Wrap❣️ -Loctu She – Bird Garden Onyx. She is so soft and light, and at same time so strong, that is hard to describe by words it needs to be felt… She easily helps me to carry my 6 months old and around 8kg weight. Color is a neutral, elegant and stylish. Pattern is beautiful little 🐦 and 🍃. One word that describes her is PERFECTION ❤️

Jelena Krsmanović Ardeljan, Serbia

I had a chance to try this wrap for the second time. The first time was 2 years ago with a 10.5 month old boy with 10 kg, and the second time with a newborn girl in time interval her 21 days to third month. Although it looks thin and soft under my fingers, it was easier for me to wrap an older child. Both of my children loved this wrap, and me too. I didn’t regret because I try this wrap for the second time. But I think if would be ideal if was from her third month old.

Aleksandra Joksimovic, Serbia

I had a pleasure to try Loktu She Bird Garden Onyx wrap and the first word that pops up in my head when thinking about it is – soft. The design itself is very attractive and interesting, reminding one of nature with each carry. This wrap is liquid-like. Very soft, thin in hand and moldable, it makes wrapping fun. 🙂 To my taste, it has got a bit too much glide, so if you are not careful and pull too tight, it can slip from its place. It is very easy to work with, but from my experience, you will have to retighten your knot occasionally. Airy, yet strong and supportive – I find it suitable for both small babies and toddlers. Also, it is a great wrap for wrapping newbies.
Thank you Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) for the pleasure of trying this beauty and great job Loktu She, for creating this beauty. 🖤🤍

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