About Us

Hi there,

I am Ana and I started this project along with few optimistic mums.

I got inspiration and idea to create LTC from constant inquires in facebook groups about borrowing carriers for those who can’t afford to buy one. Because rarely people will offer you something they paid and they do not know you, I realize that we need something to build trust again in parents and help them when it is needed.

There are so many benefits of babywearing and at the end it is life changing way to bond and have all those activities.

We don’t have anything against pushchairs, but they come with limitations. If you live in building without elevator you can carry, if you love hiking it is still option with carrier, if you want to breastfeed in standing position then carrier to the rescus, if cramps or teething strike babywearing helps, cuddles with baby, have free hands for older kids and so on… the list is huge.

So I put aside some money and bought some wraps and carriers, find some amazing powerful women and create a project. It gets over night well known and heard of and lot of parents waiting their opportunity.

The main goal is long term renting which is free for parents who can’t afford to buy and assistance trough network of babywearing consultants which you can find on page babywearing consultants . The other service we offer is also free short term letting/testing – when you want to buy something but not sure if that is a right choice for you or you are curious about brand or blend or whatever wish you have.

When brand steps up with donation our practice is to allow test tour around countries – Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, if needed we try to find a way also to cover Montenegro, Slovenia and Macedonia.

The website is meant for real reviews and experience of real everyday mums without filtering. It is not something you can pay for or lobby for, but you can impress them with your products and we encourage you to do that.
There are so many people of influence out there, but we want to make a standard and keep it real as we are.

Let us know if you want to join us, every step is important and every carrier counts as you will make so many parents happy.

Kind regards,
Ana and Team

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