Babywearing is inclusive

Lena’s traveling carriers have motto that babywearing belongs to all and huge part of our work is dedicated to include all parents and kids in babywearing. We have previously wrote about children with special needs, like spina bifida. Ruckeli inspirational story is based on sister love when babywearing connected neice and aunt with mental retardation…

Babywearing after C section

You just had a surgery. Take it easy and listen to your body. Everyone recovers differently so don’t be lead by other people expirience. Listen your doctor, body and go slowly.

Babywearing in a car?

Not an option. Ever. Not recommended under any circumstances. Child must be safely in a car seat.

When I can start using onbuhimo?

Onbuhimo is traditional Japanese carrier specially designed for high back carries. This waistless soft carrier gives a wonderful feeling of freedom and your little one amaizng view over your shoulders. The word “Onbuhimo” is a Japanese word inspired by their way of carry. It almost translates into “back carrier without a waist belt” carrier. Onbuhimo…

What not to do while babywearing

Above all use common sense. Here is a list of some most common list what is not allowed while babywearing (same goes as babyhandling). Keep in mind that while babywearing our balans can be affected, we are taking more space and visibility can be lower Sport Activities If not specifically designed class for parents while…

Useful infographics about babywearing

We are creating this page to be “container” for useful info graphics we made over time both on Serbian and English language. Some have been used in separate dedicated blogs. All those information are created for easier and better visualisation and easier spread of information about babywearing.

Woven Wrap size guidelines

Choosing a wrap is not always maybe easy to everyone, so we have created some pictures for better understanding sizes of woven wraps. Base size When you want to start babywearing you need a woven wrap in your base size. Your base size wrap is the length (size) of the woven wrap which allows you…