Soul Aseema

Soul Aseema adjustable baby carrier

Katarina Ilić, Serbia

Otherwise I prefer wraps, but I had the opportunity to try this carrier, so I wanted to hang out with her for a little while.
My baby is 6 months and 8kg at the time of testing.
Carrier is quick and easy to fit and has excellent panel height and width adjustments.
I didn’t even feel the baby in the carrier. She is very comfortable and beautiful.
With aseema I was able to carry a baby on my back, which was a big wish, and I still haven’t managed it with wrap. We both really enjoyed it.
Thank you #lenastravelingcarriers and #soul for this oportunity. ❤️

Sandra, Serbia

I have tested Soul carrier for a week. It was really comfortable and baby really loved to be carried in her. I would recommend to everyone this carrier as it is easy to adjust, I have not felt babies weight and baby enjoyed it. Thank you LTC and Soul for this opportunity and I wish next parents enjoy as much as we did.💜💜💜

Marijana Olbina, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and SoulSlings, I had the opportunity to try out this beautiful carrier. It is special because it is the first carrier I have ever tried and is responsible for my new found love for carriers. Until now, I only used elastic and ring slings, so the comfort of this carrier was a definite step up for me.
It is a beautifully designed carrier, and a very good one for a beginner such as myself as I had no problem with adjusting it.
I didn’t feel my baby’s weight at all. She is 4 months old and weighs 6kg.
The only problem I had was that the belt was a little to big for me, so I had to really tighten it up so the baby wasn’t too low.
All in all, I would love to have this carrier in my stash.

Selena Smiljanic, Serbia

We have enjoyed in babywearing with Soul Assema Pari in last five days. My baby is 4 months old and about 6 kg. This carrier is very comfortable and easy to adjustment. Baby’s weight is nicely arranged, and I didn’t feel it on my sholders. We had just one problem – I couldn’t connect strap on my back alone, so I was “forced” to tray back carring for the first time. I want to thank Lena’s traveling carriers and Soul for this wonderful opportunity.

Sneguljica Jo, Serbia

Our Soul adventure begins like this:It arrives at mom’s birthday as most beautiful gift. Soul Aseema in lovely royal blue was our guest on five days. Tester was a toddler of almost two years. The carrier is soft, gentle, easy to adjust. Only the belt is a little tight for my taste. The well done lumbar support and pouch integrated into the waistbelt impressed me.The shoulder straps held the baby’s weigt(15kg)nicely.The panel may have been slightly shorter in height because there is no possibility of extending the panel for toddler. This carrier is a combination of beauty and softness, we where enjoyed. Thanks #lenastravelingcarriers for allowing us to feel some #Soul Aseema magic 🌠✨

Miljana Šabli, Serbia

We have enjoyed so much in babywearing with Soul Assema Pari for five days. My baby is two year toddler and about 12.5 kg. This carrier is so comfortable and easy to adjustment. I didn’t feel at all baby’s weight on my sholders. The belt was just perfect to me. I love the lumbal support and the pouch.
Thank you so much Lena’s traveling carriers 💙 and Soul 💜 for this wonderful opportunity.

Ana Stanković, Serbia

This lovely carrier was our guest last week and we felt sorry as we had to send it away. My husband and I carried our 7,5 months old boy weighing around 9kg. It is very comfortable and the adjustment went quickly and smoothly. Our boy fell asleep almost every time we were carrying him. The waist belt gives very good support, and the shoulder straps are just perfect. I loved the pouch which can also be removed and used separately. The colour is one of my favorites. Thank you Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Soul for once again giving us opportunity to enjoy this much! ❤ #lenastravelingcarriers #soul

Anita Tihi Šetka, Croatia

I carry my two daughters, a 7-month-old baby and a toddler almost 4 years.

Soul AseemA is definitely carrier that you can use all over carrying/ wearing period from baby to toddler. 😁🤩😍

Maja Vinko, Croatia

Thanks to @Soul and @Anita Tihi Šetka I was able to test the carrier Soul Aseema in colour Swirl. My baby is almost 5 months old and weighs about 8 kg. This was my first carrier and it’s safe to say I loved it! The colour is a light lavander with soft pink spots. It’s girly, but I felt it went well with anything I wore, sporty or casual. It was very easy to set up and adjust by myself. It was very comfortable for up to 2 hours of walking around town due to the lumbar support and beautifully padded shoulders. We also walked our dog for approximately 45 minutes at a time and I didn’t feel the baby’s weight at all. It also came with a small purse at the front. I didn’t use it because my phone didn’t fit, but you could store some tissues or keys, for example. All in all, I was very happy and I daresay it’s worth every penny! #soulslings #soultcp #babywearingwithsoul

Bojana Miljevic Karanovic, Serbia

Thanks to LTC we have oportunity to try out beautiful Soul carrier. Wide straps, proper amount of filling and safe buckles. For us it was a perfect carrier as we love long walks and baby loves to nap in it. Baby is 13 months old and 8kg. #lenastravelingcarries

Jelena Ristic Ex Stojanovic, Serbia

This carrier was our guest for couple of days and we only managed to try it at home. But, I am free to say that it is perfect. Everything with Soul Assema Pari is just like it shoulde be, adjustment is easy, fabric is light, shoulder straps full padded, panel is adjustable from newborns to toddler. I think that this is the type of carrier that we can use for long period of babywearing, and definitly would be my first choice. Thank you for this opportunity #lenastravelingcarriers #soul 💙💙💙

Zorica Makić, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) we had opportunity to try this carrier. At that moment baby had 5 months and 9kilos. And I can say we were trilled. And daddy too. We often had a argue who will carry our baby.. this time I made it to use a moment while dad is on work. 😁 I loved it. It so soft, cozy and easy to adjust. If someone ask me which carrier I would buy, it probably be Soul Assema.

Svetlana Mandić Jekić, Serbia

Thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers #soul we enjoy the carrier Soul Aseema Amor baby size. My baby now is almost 5 month old and about 8kg weight. This my first carrier and I am very happy we can to enjoy it! First it’s realy beautiful 😍 It very easy to set up by myself and comfortable for long walking. It was also good for a two month old baby as well now, we will see later… I wish I have one to be mine!!! #soulslings #soultcp #babywearingwithsoul

Ana Kecman, Serbia

We had opportunity to use Soul Assema Rainbow Maze and we loved it. The girl is 22 month old and 14kg. It was very easy to use it , the material is very soft and colorful design is perfect. It was very comfortable for girl and me. Thanks to #Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers)

Andrijana Berisavljević, Serbia

Even though I rented this one (thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers) because I thought it would perfectly fit and I loved the colors, dad was the one setting the monopoly on this one. Obviously he didn’t mind the fact that it’s summer and it’s too hot, he just love’s carrying our baby Gea around. @Soul Assema Rainbow Maze is very practical and comfortable because of all the buckles and great material, it’s easy to adjust it and little pouch at front is really useful, so it’s real pleasure to carry around our 6 months old baby girl. I would recommend it to everyone.

Ivana Tadić Stojković, Serbia

Soul Ashema is the best carrier. We have enjoyed so much, but my baby is 12 months old and she learned to walk. But in future this carrier will always our choice for long walks and trips. Thanks #soul and #lenastravelingcarriers for this great moments. ❤️

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