Woven Wings Drops of Jupiter

WovenWings Drops of Jupiter

size 6, 100% Merino wool wrap, stih 512, width: 62cm, 315gsm

Erna Ceman, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Last time I wrote that this wrap is in transfer, but after I’ve tried it, it was hard to send this beauty away after one wrapping. Thanks to hq it stayed here several days more. ❤️

That was perfect opportunity to play with it more. When it arrived I had the feeling that even though it is soft that it needs more breaking in, just to become floppier. I’ve used some of the carries that require more tension on certain parts of wrap in order to break it in faster just by wearing. Suddenly the pockets popped even more, they are filled with air so the wrap is more breatheable and cushy.

Interesting thing about this wrap is that it has nice amount of diagonal elasticity, so it is easy to tighten and get everything in spot. Here comes the fun part. Usually the wraps that have that much diagonal elasticity tend to be saggy, but I promise Drops of Jupiter are going to exceed your expectations in this perspective. On the scale from no bounce to too bouncy, this 100% woolen beauty is closer to no bounce extreme.

Once fully broken in this wrap is going to wrap itself. You see how it pleats beautifully. 😍

Did I mention how beautiful it is? The colors are amazing. This is the one that is going to be love on the first look and on the first wrapping.

Small addition to this review: this wrap gets on grip during the breaking in process. As pockets are getting filled with air, they are changing the texture of the wrap, from flat to nicely textured.

Really interesting thing is that I have a feeling that by tightening you are getting the air out of the wrap, that is why you have a feeling that wrap has nice diagonal stretch. It is like the air is taking some space in the pockets and once you tighten the wrap nicely it seems like you stretch the wrap to its full length and that is how everything stays in spot.

Nina Briski, Croatia

📖REVIEW: Drops of Jupiter🚀🛸
A.K.A. the 100% merino prototype 🐑

Wrap size: 6
Stih: 512
Width: 62cm
GSM: 315
Composition: 100% merino wool

💫Diagonal stretch: medium to high, gives a bandage feel, stretches nicely, holds snugly when tightened
💫Bounce: medium, somewhat bouncy (coming from a bounce hater), but tolerable, that much wool has to have some bounce
💫Glide: low, due to the double pocket weave and merino fuss, it doesn’t have slippery feel like simple quads for example
💫Grip: medium, same double pocket weave provides a good grippy feel when to layers cross one another, they stay in place even though bouncing effect
💫Texture: high, after a first bath, double pockets fluff up significantly creating a texture even after mild ironing and it’s impossible to get a flat wrap, some crases are there no matter how you ironed. Cush is on the other hand heavenly.
💫Thickness: low, even though calculated gsm states 315, it’s fairly thin and see-through, nicely visible in photos against the light
💫Thermoregulation properties: merino has great thermoregulating properties and when paired with extremely thin triple-layer, there is enough room for air circulation so there no moist or sweaty feeling, when compared to 100%cotton pocket weave with higher gsm (Girls, around 390)
💫Squish to toddler: more on toddler side, I would say 5-6kg up

⭐️Robin’s hip carry
⭐️Rucksack carry
⭐️Double hammock (various finishes: saltwater, freshwater, cccb)

Weather conditions:
☀️🌊hot humid seaside summer
🌲🏡fresh riverside inland
☀️🌇summer in the city
🍂🍁farewell summer, hello autumn

In my mind forever the Dark Queen of Droplets, from today on known as the Drops of Jupiter, 100% merino prototype skyrocketed to the top of my list. It was love at first glance, continued to love at first wear. Even though I normally prefer high silk content blends with a low amount of bounce, this one surprised me with versatile characteristics I didn’t expect from a 100% merino wrap. When you say 100% merino, first that comes to my mind is saggy feeling. Like when you tie a carry and your baby starts at the one position and over time they end up much much lower. Well, my girl is now almost 3 years old, around one meter in height and weighing 15kg. Ultimate sag test. This wrap, no matter its merino content, stayed in place. WOW. I tried it with my new-born nephew too, at the time 2,5 weeks old, and though it provided nice and snuggly soft support, still I wouldn’t choose it as a newborn wrap, versatile as it is. It definitely can do, but regular quads perform much better with tiny squishes due to their ‘thinness’.

I can definitely tell it’s no cotton wrap, as when compared to Prism, Prism provides a somewhat stronger feel (base size 6, calculated 281gsm). By stronger I mean that in Prism I feel no bounce, because of 35% of cotton that gives more stability. Both of them were in my base size and in the same weaving style, so it was easy to compare. Coming to Stargazer with the same weave(also base size 6, calculated 250 gsm), but adding linen to the mix too, linen adds some more grip and even less bounce, but reduced diagonal stretch comes along, meaning it forgives less if wrap job is sloppy. It really depends on your wrappee, because if your little one likes to ride and jump while being carried, some additional support provided by the addition of linen and cotton may come in handy. All merino in this wrap can be felt, tiny fussiness coming out of the wrap, but it’s like with tussah silk, you either love or hate the nubs, same with merino, you either love its softness or those tiny fusses feel irritating.

The triple-layer, double pocket compensates well for the merino-only content, while on the other hand provides cush and fluff that is much more noticeable than in Prism or Stargazer and it definitely forgives sloppy wrapping. There isn’t one wrap I tried yet in almost 3 years of wrapping that made such astonishing finishes. And that dark shine. Single-layer quads are shiny but thin, merino cotton blends have fluff but are more matt, though cushier and make nice finishes but sometimes they end up big, but this one combines best out of both and is made for fancy finishes. Not to thin that finishes look un-fed, not too thick that they look like you might be swallowed, very mouldable and easy to handle, and colours are so alive, bursting from the wrap. Until this one arrived, SITR was one with the most intense colours. I love good WQs in wraps, but they need to to be alive with colours as well to stay, not just shine, but intensity too. There’s no wrap as deep black with bursting colours like one in Jupiter, even SITR isn’t as intense compared to Jupiter.

The Drops of Jupiter are out of this world, combining amazing wrapping qualities, bursting blackness and stunning colours. I loved it since I first saw it and I’m really happy that Christina and Sarah decided to provide fair opportunity for anyone to order, because this wrap is so beautiful it needs no draw-to-purchase hype, it speaks for itself, and I don’t think there is a Winglet that had tried it and wasn’t amazed by its WQs and dark beauty. Waiting for December impatiently. ❤❤️❤️

Nina Jevtic, Serbia

Thanks #lenastravelingcarriers I had great pleasure to try Jupiter 100% wool size 4. Wrap is very soft and comfortable. I really enjoyed ❤

Jasmina Đukanov, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) we had opportunity to test beautiful Woven Wings Drop of Jupiter prototype 100% merino wool in size 4. At the time of testing my baby boy was 8 months and about 8 kg but i also wrapped my older girl in it just for the fun of it, and she is 17 kg.The colors and the patern are breathtaking, i have never tried wrap this beautiful. I am not big fan of wool but this one was totally acceptable.It came to us so very soft and just very easy to wrap and to work with.So I would recommend it for beginners but also for experienced wrappers.It was a pleasure to test and i hope to meet with it some day again. #lenastravelingcarriers, #WovenWings #Winglet #WWtester #iamwinglet

Ana Frank Krstić, Serbia

Once again thanks to our great charity group LPN we had an honour to be the first testers of the Drops of Jupiter also known as 100% merino prototype. Wrap is in size 4, what really made me happy because I reviewed some forgotten carries for shorter wrap. My wrappee is 16-month-old girl who adores to be wrapped.
Although I prefer wraps with brighter colours, I really liked this one a lot. Droplets’ colours are fantastic.
You definitely can’t deny softness of this wrap. But, I couldn’t deny wooly feeling, and I am really not fan of high percentage of merino in wraps. I am definitely sensitive to it so I assume this woudn’t be problem for many wrappers.
Wrapping qualities are excellent. It is a little bit bouncy but I didn’t have saggy feeling at all. Opposite to typical merino problem- your wrappee doesn’t stay on height you wrap it at the start – here we don’t have that situation. Everything stays on its place – both baby and knot. Great support in multilayered carries, light feeling on shoulders and perfect ratio of grip and glide make this wrap extraordinary. It tightens easily but you must pay attention and do proper tightening job. IMO it is perfect base size wrap for older babies and toddler.
Thank you ☄️💧

Iskra Opaček, Serbia

Last week we enjoyed testing the all merino Woven Wings Drop of Jupiter. I love the rainbow on black colour combo and the softness of the wrap. My wrapee is 2yo and 12kg so I prefer cushy wraps and although this one is not very thick in hand it feels cushy and comfortable on shoulders. Of course you can feel the wool in it if you are sensitive to it and I usually am but in this wrap I didn’t mind it. I also enjoyed that its not too grippy and is very moldable. I tried a few ww so far and I definitely like this one the most 💜💚💛💙❤️ thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers and #wovenwings for this opportunity. #ltctester

Katarina Ilić, Serbia

Woven Wings Drop of Jupiter, size 4, 100% merino wool

It seems to me that many times I started the sentence with “this is the first time ..”, but I have to do it again.
The first time I tried wrap in size 4 and 100% merino.
I was scared because I didn’t know what I would be able to do with such a short wrap, since my base size was 6.
At the time of testing, my boy is 8 months old and about 9 kg. This was a period of nervousness over the first tooth and it took a lot of effort to capture the moment when he was in the mood to wear in the wrap.
This experience was a surprise to both of us. I believe in his mind was the question “why didn’t I let my mom wear me earlier in this beautiful wrap?” 😉
Wool does not flake at all, although it is the first association with it.
I like the length, though I was scared at first. Not too much material, and so many options with short wrap.
It was the first time I was able to tie a DH because it was so easy to put a layer over the layer. The weight on my shoulders was not feeling, and my boy fell asleep very quickly.
How beautiful it is I will not even talk about, can be seen from the attached.
Thanks #LPN, so many beautiful moments and “first time situations” I experienced thanks to you.❤️ Thanks also #WW for the opportunity to try this wrap. 🤩


Marija Živković Nikolic, Serbia

Woven Wings Drop of Jupiter
100% merino size 4

Thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers I had the opportunity to test this gorgeous soft wrap. My baby is 6 months old and about 8 kg. Although it is wool, it isn’t picking at all. This was also the first time I was wearing baby on my back and it was surprisingly comfortable. I didn’t feel the weight of baby at all. This wrap is just perfect!

Jelena Ristic Ex Stojanovic, Serbia

This beautiful wrap, Drops of Jupiter 100% merino prototype, was with us for several days for testing, thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers. I injured my arm and so had problems with wraping, but we tried it couple times. It is soft wrap, easy to wrap an tight it good, but me and merino didn’t click at all. This wrap is perfect winter wrap, not for home use for sleepy baby, but for outdoors 👌.

Marija Adamovic, Serbia

Being a mom is demanding.
Being a mom of three is… Ok, there’s no word for it yet.
No matter how organised and active you are, you are exhausted!
No matter how patient you are, you are going to snap at least 3 times a day.
No matter how happy you are, you are going to cry behind bathroom door at least once a week.
There are some easy days. They are rare, let’s admit, but they are still there.
You have to be there for their basic needs constantly. Repeat the same sentence over and over again to three little heads. You have to be patient with three tantrums, from three different kids. You have to hug three little meltdowns in three different methods, cause their response is different. You have to seed good, so they can grow great, on three different fields.
You have to feel good cause they are adopting the pattern. You have to work on yourself cause they are learning from you.
You have to behave yourself cause they are watching. You have to prepare the ground so they can build their future on the foundations you made.
Being a parent in a modern world is completely different than our parents parenting was.
You are pushed to be perfect in every single aspect, or being put on the wall of shame.
Like it’s not enough the struggle you have with your roller-coaster emotions. Society decided to give you one more thing to worry about.
Well, yesterday I decided to send that society to a place it deserves. I woke up messy and with will to do absolutely nothing. I felt all that perfect parenting pressure and that made me fell really down.
So I picked up my 14 months old twins, wrapped them in the most stunning WW #dropsofjupiter all merino wrap, and went out. I went to the completely opposite side of the city with two whiny toddlers. I tandem carried them to the fourth floor with no elevator, and forgot all that crap that was spinning in my head when I saw those beautiful eyes of my older daughter laughing at me at her grandma’s door. I just felt thankful that I made a decision to be their mom! And that feeling is amazing.
So, no matter if you have one or more kids, its the same. You managed to go through the day and still be alive. Well, you’ve got this!

Marija Adamovic, Serbia

Drops of Jupiter
100% merino
Size: 4
Stih: 4.20m (so actually it’s size 5)
Width: 62cm
GSM: 315
100% merino wool

I know a lot of you are expecting #dropsofjupiter to land under the tree 🎄, so there’s a review while you are waiting for it!

I was trying to write an objective review for days, cause I didn’t wanted to sound like I’m doing a commercial. Well, I hope I was able to that.
When there is a lot of hype about some wrap, I usually end up by being disappointed about it cause I expected too much. I was afraid that this time would be the same.
Oh God how wrong I was!
From the moment I saw it, I fell in love with this colors. Color contrast on this wonderful black 🖤 is breathtaking!
I was really blown up with this amazing wrap on the first touch.
It gives you that amazing and cushy feeling on the shoulders – so gentle and wonderful. Something you don’t usually expect from wool to be like.
It’s low to medium thickness, even though it’s around 300gsm.
What surprised me the most, it’s that it doesn’t have too much bounce – it is somewhere medium. And that is just like it has to be!
Gives you wonderful bandage feel and holds perfectly. Diagonal stretch is let’s say medium (but I could even say high).
Perfect combo between grip and glide.
It glides nicely, just enough to wrap it easily, but without that slippery feeling. Medium grip that helps that everything stays in its place.
It has wonderful texture.
I tried different front and back carries with this stunning wrap, and was blown up by wq. Tightening is easy, and behaves fabulous in multi layer carries. Once tightened it can hold forever.
I have even tried tandem carry (ruck and fcc) and I can say, without hesitation, that this is the best tandem carry wrap in the world. Even though tandem wrapping was real challenge with short size wrap and two nervous toddlers, yet it’s still one to rule them all!
It is so hard to let it go and pass it to a next tester, that I could cry.
I’m just hoping that she will find her way to me again, so we can cuddle a little more, before our wrapping days are over.
Thank you @lenastravelingcarriers and @wovenwings for the opportunity to host and love this beauty.

Biljana Elek, Serbia

As the test tour of Drops of Jupiter has been going on for several months now, I had the impression that I already knew all about that wrap. I did know all about wq, but the feeling at hand ….?! Yes the wrap is very soft in hands, but not like a broken cotton wrap. It’s like it’s raw. Yes raw was my first impression. My wrappers are 10 and 15 kg weight and wrapping them in DoJ was pure pleasure. Big thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Woven Wings for allowing me to try this so, so, so special wrap.

Ana Stanković, Serbia

I was so happy that I was quick enough to apply for testing the WW Drops of Jupiter Prototype. Jupiter is my favorite planet and I couldn’t miss testing it’s Droplets! 😉 Iz was my first experience with wool in a wrap and I did expect some picking, but I didn’t mind it at all. The texture is amazing and so unusual, the colours accented by the black background. It is incredibly easy to tighten and I loved the size which is my base. Thanks to our locally organized #jupiterchallenge, I tried several carries for the first time and that’s why I love this wrap even more. Testees were both my boys, 10,5 months old baby weighing around 10 kg and 28,5 months old toddler weighing around 12 kg. None of them was very cooperative and willing to be carried for some longer time at the moment of testing.🤷 I am sorry we were using this beautiful wrap only indoors, but I am sure we would wear it often if we had the opportunity. Thank you so much #lenastravelingcarriers and #WovenWings! We really enjoyed our testing! ❤🖤

Luca Rác Szabó, Serbia

Lately I had the possibility to host a bombastic wrap – WW Drops of Jupiter (S4). Sorrily I had to let it go after a few days. Honestly, this wrap is the softest and cushiest I ever had to cuddle. Since my second child was born, I`m addicted to wool (because we use reusable diapers, wool diapers), I know the softness of Merino wool, but this beauty totally took me off my legs! How happy I would be to own one 1 day! 🙂 My boy was 20 months old and weighted between 12-13kg under the test period, with rapidly growing resistance against wrapping/carrying. Because of this reason, we had no chance to use the wrap very often, just for short walks in the apartment and outside, once a day. It`s butter soft, very supportive, without any itchiness…and the colors are Amazing!…perfect for newborns and for toddlers too…and perfect to fall totally in love with! Thank you very much for the opportunity Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Woven Wings! 🙂

Kristina Kostić, Serbia

I had the great pleasure of testing WW Drops of Jupiter in size 4, 100% merino. My favorite material, I have woolen socks, coats, diaper covers, cover for carrier, etc. I tried wraps with wool in blend but never 100% wool . I knew that I will like it. First ,colors and contast are amaizing. My wrappers are newborn (1.5months, 6kg) toddler (20months, 12kg) and once with preschool (5y, 18kg).

Wrap is light and airy. Affordable diagonal strech makes a nice bounce. Lot of grip makes knot doesn’t move.Very good holds heavy weight, and it’s cushy on shoulders,too. It’s thin but puffy. Wonderful, elegant, luxurious, breathtaking, sooo soft and very photogenic wrap. Even daddy try it,too, and he likes it. When I touched it first time, it instantly became the most perfect wrap I ever had in my hands. Thanks very much for this opportunity Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Woven Wings

Selena Smiljanić, Serbia

Group Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Woven Wings gave me oportunity to test this beautiful Drop of Jupiter (100% merino, size 4) wrap. Thanks them so much! This is the first wrap with merino I have touched and tried, and I am delighted with its softness and fineness. It was a pleasure to wear my 8,5 months old baby in this beauty.

Tamara Taca Kolar, Serbia

This is the softest wrap I ever touched. I had a wow effect as soon as I saw it. My son is 22 months old, 13 kilos, and it was easy to carry him in it. I have never tested a merino wrap before this one and i REALLY like it! The material is very nice and soft. I would definitely like to have one in mu collection. Thank you Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) again for the opportunity.

Miljana Đurković, Serbia

Thanks to lena’s traveling carriers I Had the oportunity and pleasure to try this beautiful wrap. At the first i Had doubt about wool, because i have very sensitive skin and Never could to wear anything with it. But! But this wrap Is so soft and gentil and not skratchy at all that i couldnt belive. At the time of testing, my baby Is 13kg, and 75cm (10 month old), and she doesnt want to be wearinig anymore 😔. And i m sad because of that. I succed to wrap her for a while to take a few pictures.
Once again, thank you for the chance to touch this incredible comfortable wrap.

Dragica Marinkovic, Serbia

I had opportunity to try Woven Wings Drops of Jupiter, size: 4, Stih: 4.2 m, 100% merino wool. It was love at first wear. I tried it with a baby 5 month old and a todler 20 months old. This wrap stayed in place with both of them. The wrap is soft but very supportive. Diagonal stretch is high. Gripy with litle bit of glide. It glides nicely anf everything stays in its place. It gives you that cushy feeling on the shoulders. Merino has great thermoregulating properties and it is gentle and wonderful. Wrap have texture. It would be a great for todller and for tandem to.
Thank you Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Woven Wings for this opportunity.

Marija Olbina, Serbia

The one that matches the hype. The special one. As I am not a wrapping expert at all, I tryed only front carry, but I could tell I had an amazing wrap in my hands. The touch, the color, the strength, how easily I could wrap it and how well it holds a 10 month old baby and its 10kg. It was comfortable on my shoulders as well ❤️
Let it rain Jupiter drops ☔

Bojana Blašković, Croatia

I had pleasure to test WW Drops of Jupiter in size 4, 100% merino.
Baby has 18months and 11kg
This is kind of wrap you really like or you don’t like it at all. Unfortunattly, I belong to that other group. It has to much bounce for may taste. We tried our favorite dh and FWCC with it. I felt the wool first time when I wrapped it, but after a while I didn’t feel it at all.
The patern and the colors are beautiful!
Thank you Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) for the opportunity to try this wrap ❤️


Dragana Rogošić, Croatia

REVIEW: Drops of Jupiter
Wrap size: 4
Composition: 100% merino wool
Test team: me and my 21m old striking toddler 😅
Carries: FWCC TUB, Rucksack carry, DH TAS

Thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers we had the pleasure of testing this beautiful wrap.

I must admit I was very excited trying it considering all the hype.

But unfortunately, it felt so prickly for me. Also, with my boy’s 15kg it was too much saggy for my taste, and I had to re-tight it all the time wearing it. I must admit that it’s really beautiful wrap, definitely a lot of diagonal stretch, pleats wonderfully and I would definitely recommend it as an all year wrap. It was around 30° when we tested it and there was no moist or sweaty feeling.

Thank you for the opportunity ❤

#lenastravelingcarriers #WovenWings #Winglet #WWtester #iamwinglet

Maja Hamzic, Croatia

This my first tester from this brand and I can say that I am thrilled. Wrap has narrow weaving so it is not prone to puls. Easy to tie. Holds well in front and back carries my baby which is around 10kg.It has enough bounce and perfect glide ratio. I really love it. It will be one and only wrap for me if I haven’t been that sensitive to wool.

Nena Pavelić, Croatia

Thanks to Lenas traveling carriers I had the opportunity to finally figure out why there is much hype about WW Drops of Jupiter.
It’s a size 4 wrap, 100% merino!
I’m usually very sensitive to all kinds of wool but as I was reading the reviews I figured this can’t be that bad… but it was 🤣
I love how this wrap looks, the pattern and vivid colors on black are nice! It’s a perfect winter wrap, only not for me.
Diagonal stretch is pretty high, too much bounce, really grippy, a small amount of glide, although it gives a cushy feeling on shoulders it’s very itchy for me and I had to wrap on thick shirts so it doesn’t scratch me. It tightens easily but you must take time to do a proper tightening job or it won’t stay in place.
At the time of testing my wrap was 15 months old and had 13kg.

Tea Orešković Sertić, Croatia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) I had opportunity to test Woven wings Drop of Jupiter in sz 4. I was very excited about this wrap. But, when it came I was very dissapointed about wq. I really didn’t like this wrap. It was to strechy, diggyin my shoulders and so uncomfortable after some period of carrying. I tried it in one layer and two layer carriers.
#lenastravellingcarriers #WovenWings #Winglet #WWtester #iamwinglet

Ivana Tominac, Croatia

This amazing wool wrap was whit us for one week 🤩
I was so excitet about it and happy. The wrap really is amazing, soft, fluffy, feels like a cloud. Colors are also beautiful and it gora do Great with leaves this falls 🤭🍂🍁
The baby inside iz is 4 months old and has 7 kg 🤤 i didn’t even felt it. Love Jupiter ❤️

Manca Gojević, Crotia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) I had great opportunity to finally try the famous Jupiter wrap. It was a size 4. I loved it in hands and colors are beautiful, but kinda didn’t feel that “spark” with it. Nonetheless I’m happy I tried it. 🖤

Nera Vranic, Croatia

Thanks to Lena’s traveling carrier I had the opportunity to test this beautiful wrap. At the time of testing my girls was 18 months old, about 9kg and 3 year old about 12kg. It was my first experience with wool in a wrap. The material is very nice and soft. Great support, light feeling on shoulders. This wrap is just perfect ❤️

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