Zumbucca XXL carrier

Zumbucca XXL toddler carrier

Jovana Aradski, Serbia

OMG!This carrier is PERFECT☝I didn’t see that coming…
It was the love on the first sight. It’s big enough to fit 2 and half year toddler.I can even say that it’s almost a litle big for him.But he fitted nicely.Even fall a sleep. Pattern is sooo cute and lovely.I was really surprised. Material and quality of the carrier is perfect.Shoulder straps are comfy and thick enough so that I didn’t feel childs weight at all.Belt was also very comfortable.Very easy to adjust.And it’s glittery.
It was a perfect match. I was glad we tried it first here in Serbia.
Thank you Zumbucca and LTC.

Sneguljica Jo, Serbia

If somebody asked me,why i am still carrying my child of two years and 14 kg weight,i would give them an answer: “Because Zumbucca is making a carrier size 4 XL.” We have a opportunity to try this amazing carrier on 5 days thanks to group #lenastravelingcarriers. We really have a good time wearing them.Comfort is guarnteed. Shoulder straps are soft and strong. I really didn’t feeling a weight of my toddler.Zumbucca have a definetely most beautiful design carriers like this one with a little girl and dinosaurs.Small pouch on belt is really usefull and praktical.Equally we were wearing forward and on a back because it is easy to install and quickly to adjust.Thanks one more to #lenastravelingcarriers and also #Zumbucca because they allow us to prolong babywearing .✌️💖👶

Miljana Šabli, Serbia

O dear, o my! 😍😍 This Zumbuca carrier is so perfect carrier! 😊 I am so overjoyed! ☺️ We have been testing Zumbuca dinosaur for five days, we enjoyed very very much. The carrier is fitted perfectly for my two year toddler, about 13 kilos. I have never seen more beautiful design, with dinosaur, so sparkling, I am speechless. 💚 We were wearing just in front, enjoying in every moment. 😍💛 Shoulder straps are just fine, enough filling, I didn’t feel baby’s weight at all. Belt is perfect, too.
A lot of thanks to Lena’s travelling carriers and wraps and Zumbuca for the opportunity to test this amazing Dinosaur Zumbuca carrier. 💙💙

Ana Stanković, Serbia

We hosted this Zumbucca carrier last week. I didn’t expect it would be soooo beautiful, as it is not easy to capture the sparkling material. My boy (27 months old, around 11,5 kg) really liked the dinosaur and two little girls. 🙂 The carrier is perfectly comfortable and easy to adjust. My toddler is not so heavy and I literally didn’t feel his weight at all. We really loved it and enjoyed it! Thank you Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and @Zumbucca for this opportunity! #lenastravelingcarriers #zumbucca

Katarina Andrejic, Serbia

We had the opportunity to try Zumbucca 4XL toodler dinosaur on 5 days. Design is beautiful I like sparkles and my son like dinosaur. Zumbucca is easy to install and quickly to adjust, and shoulder strap is comportable. My son is 4,5 year old and 17kg weight. We were wearing back and i didn’t feel his weight too much . And we tryed wearing in front but he was heavy.  Thank you #lenatravelingcarriers and #Zumbucca.

Vedrana Nedeljkov, Serbia

We have been testing Zumbucca toddler XXL for five days. This carrier is perfect, beautiful sparkling dinosaur, perfectly comfortable and easy to adjust, so we were wearing equally forward and on a beck. I didn’t feeling a weight of my tester. Thank you Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and #Zumbucca for this lovely opportunity. ❤️

Radmila Gaćina, Serbia

Thanks to the test tour, we had the opportunity to try this great toddler carrier. My son tested upper load-carrying limit (20kg, high 108cm, have 3y). It is adjustable, soft padding provide comfort for legs, at the top of carrier there is a hidden hoody to fix the head if the baby falls asleep (I am amazed with perfect matching pattern on the hood with carrier). This carrier was easy to adjust, tried carrying at front for cuddling, and a much more functional variant carrying on the back, like size of panel because my boy suit nicely in it. My little boy was thrilled with Dino 🦖, mum with some glittering threads. I highly recommend this carrier for all those who want to wear their small and big kids (it is long wearable).
Thank for this opportunity to enjoy #lenatravelingcarrier and #zumbucca

Monika Trivkovic, Serbia

We have been testing Zumbucca 4XL Dinosaur for 5 days. It is a beautiful. My son is 18 month old and 11 kg weight. We were wearing front and was comfortable. It easy to install and quickly to adjust.My daughter who is 3 years and 14,5 kg test
too and she like it. Thank you.

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