Isara The One Nightdream

Isara The One Nightdream Fully adjustable baby carrier

Jelena RIstic Ex Stojanovic

I had amazing opportunity to test this baby carrier Isara The One Nightdream. At the time of testing, my little boy was 3 months old and 7-7,5 kg weight. We both enjoyed carring, every time he would fall asleep like he was covered with sleeping dust. Ajusting carrier was very easy, and I didn’t feel his weight on my shoulders or back, at all. I would recommend this carrier to everyone. I would like to thank you Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame and Isara on this fantastic experience!!! 💗💗💗
#lenastravelingcarriers #isara #isaratesltc

Aleksandra Zlaktovic, Serbia

Three-year-old girl in the Isara the one. A girl weighs 35 pounds high 96 cm. We sailed almost two kilometers and I did not feel it. Mounting very easily and easily both on the back and the front. This carrier is a one-sided pure perfection. I would like to thank Lenine putujuce nosiljke in the chance to test this Isara
#loveisara #lenastravelingcarriers #pureperfection

Iskra Opaček, Serbia

Thanks to my wonderful #lenastravelingcarriers we tried this great carrier. The material is super soft with great abillity to adjust to carriers body,even when not adjusted to that perfect spot it was comfy. But my favorite thing are the leg extenders for bigger children since they held my testee (2y.o. and 12 kg) in perfect position. It has nice weight distribution but shoulder straps are too bulky for my taste and somehow always found a way to fall of my shoulders. Mid-height back carry is not my favorite but my child did not mind and even fell asleep at one point. So to sum up, a really great, finely adjustable, high quality carrier.

Sanja Dimitrijevic, Serbia

We have greate experience with Isara wrap, also with Isara The One nightdream soft structured carrier. During the carring my baby front and the back it was very comfortable, as for me and my baby boy who is 20 months old and 13 kg weight, as for my baby girl who is 3 years old and 14 kg weight.

Miljana Šabli, Serbia

Thanks to Lena’s travelling carriers and wraps and Isara, we had amazing opportunity to test this baby carrier Isara The One Nightdream, made from a wonderfull woven wrap. 💙💙At the time of testing, my toddler boy was 20 months old and around 11.5 kg weight. We tried carrier in front and on the back. And both were so comfortable for the both of us. We enjoyed carring so much with this carrier. 😊😊 Adjusting carrier was very easy and I didn’t feel his weight on my shoulders at all. I also like leg extenders, it is such a good thing to have. 😃 We did put a little bit of sleepy dust in it. 💙 I would recommend this carrier to everyone, big and small. 😊 And, of course, I would like to thank you Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame and Isara! 💙😍❤️😍#lenastravelingcarriers #isara #isaratesltc

Jasmina Marinkovic, Serbia

We had the pleasure to test Isara The One Nightdream and this is The One carrier that everybody needs. It is super cushy but strong, and very comfortable. It’s the softest carrier we tried. Baby is 11 months old and round 11kg and it was easy to carry. It was interesting to try seat transformers and different adjustments cause it has so many adjusters. it is so thin and lightweight. The color is wonderful. Thanks Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and ISARA for opportunity to try this lovely carrier.

Kristina Kostic, Serbia

We had a chance to try Isara The One Nightdream. The design is perfect, the carrier doesn’t sting anywhere and it really suits my son of 14 months and 12kg, and daughter of 5 years and 17 kg,both. We tried the back and front carry. The carrier is very comfortable, easy to adjust. My eldest daughter also wore a little brother. We really had a lot of fun with Isara The One. Thank you ISARA
Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers)
#lpntester #lenastravelingcarriers #isaratheone

Tamara Stevanović, Serbia

Baby soon 1 year, about 11 kg. We got an opportunity to test Isara The One carrier for 5 days, soft and thin for summer days, adjusted to the baby’s body and the clips are very easy to install. We used it only for the front carriage for the shorter and longer walks, the baby slept comfortably, but after a while, there was a little pain in the shoulders in our case, but that was a positive experience! Thank you! #ltctester #isaratheone

Sneguljica Jo, Serbia

After months of waiting for the test, our favorite Isara The one Nightdream arrived. At the time of testing, the toddler is 22 months old and weighs 14.5kg. The first thing I can say is that it is made of a flexible fabric that simply bends around the child. I especially like the soft but yet strong enough waist belt. The straps are padded and adjustable with safe buckles. What we liked most was that the carrier offers the ability to extend the panel with the help of a leg extender, which is super useful when carrying a toddler. The only thing I didn’t manage to do, despite the maximum lifting of the child and the tightening of the straps, was to make a higher position. We have been enjoying this carrier for all 5 days and we are sorry when we had to pass it on. Thanks so much to #lenastravelingcarriers and #isara for the opportunity to test this beautiful carrier. All the recommendations on my part, especially as the carrier is made to be all in one.

Biljana Elek, Serbia

Isara The One was a great help to us during our vacation on the southern Croatian coast. It is a fully adjuseable carrier that perfectly suited my nine-month-old and 8,5 kg weight baby girl as well as a 3-year-old toddler weighing about 15 kg. The carrier is easy to adjust and provides very comfortable bw moments. Thanks ISARA and Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) for this opportunity. #lenastravelingcarriers

Jelena Krsmanović Ardeljan, Serbia

We had opportunity to test Isara The One and I fell in love in it. Testers were 15monts baby and weight 11,5kg and 3,5 year old toddler weighing about 15kg. The carrier is easy to adjust and was so soft, so comfortable. It was perfect experience! Of us, this carrier have 5 plus. Thanks for this opportunity Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Love ISARA. ❤❤❤

Jovana Aradski, Serbia

This was our second test isara .I liked material(full wrap conversion).So soft and comfortable.Nice to touch😍😇
Although my 2,5 years old boy is big the size of panel was just enough wide and big.I can see why is called The one☺
Shoulder straps where a little bit loose.Even if I thighten all the straps I still had that feeling.I liked the belt.Perfect for my figure.👌👍
Thank’s to #lenastravelingcarriers and #loveisara 💙💚💛Just keep up the good work💋

Nina Dakovic, Serbia

Thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers and #loveisara we had an opportunity to try Isara the One.
This is really just the perfect carrier for everyone, for small and big baby/child and for small and a big parent. At the moment of testing the baby is 11 months, 75cm and 9,6kg. (I’m 169cm and 55kg). The material is so thin, light and soft. I tried paralel straps as well as crossed but paralel one are just fine and comfortable. The waistband is padded and wide enough but not too much. The hood is detachable. Back carrying you don’t feel at all, light and soft as a feather. The only thing I didnt like was a short perod for testing 🙂 when it has so many ways of adjustement I need more time to perfectly adjust for myself, otherwise the mark is clear 10 and the carrier is definitely for recomendation. Thanks one more time for this unic opportunity 🙂

Milkica Marinkov, Serbia

The first impression 🙂 The first encounter with the carrier, was a little shock, because I didn’t know how to mount it. It is surprisingly easy to figure everything out. After 10 minutes, I feel the shoulders and the weight, nothing much, but with the wrap I don’t feel 🙂 Sofia didn’t notice the difference 🙂 Ready in a minute, that is two minutes faster than a wrap, and a minute faster than RS :)I was overjoyed, very glad I tried it. The first impression changed a little, when I got used to the difference, I no longer felt the weight. It’s too soft and shapes beautifully. I like the pattern too. I’d love to hang out with her again. It is easy to tighten. We fell asleep many times 🙂
Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) for this opportunity ❤

Slavica Tosic, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) I had the opportunity to test baby carrier Isara The One Nightdream. At The moment of testing my little girl was 12 months old and at about 11 kg weight. Wonderful colour and pattern too. Easy to adjust, the straps and belt are very comfortable. We are both enjoyed in babywearing. #lenastravelingcarriers #isara

Nina Vigan, Croatia

On first I liked how soft this carrier it is. Panel is perfect shape so it seems immediately you put the baby it gets right position. So the proper M position can be achieved without too much hustle and baby fell a sleep soon. It has a lot of option for precise adjustments and straps are with the proper filling. On long walks cross strpas I felt more comfortable for me even classic H is also fine. All in all zi am happy that I could try this carrier. Thank you.

Ana Rogulj, Croatia

We are beginers in babywearng and baby has 2 months. We have tried with wrap and baby didn’t like it. We tried Isara and we were blown away. It is easy to adjust and extremely soft and baby fells in proper shape. Straps are wide, comfortable and have adjustments. Baby was sleeping in it every time so all recommendation from us.

Stanka Babin, Croatia

Thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers and #isara we tested ssc Isara the One Nightdream. At the time of testing my boy was 1,5 year old and 10+kg. Carrier is beautiful, soft and light. I love the design. We used it for shorter walks as my boy loves to walk and run, we usually used it when comming back from walk, when he was tired. Carrier is very adjustable, it has a lot of stripes that can be confusing, but if you take little time to set everything you are god to go. We tried it on the front and back, it was comfortable in both carries. Waist belt is soft but supportive. Shoulder straps are nicely padded and feel soft on shoulders. Panel has height and width adjustments. We both enjoyed testing it.

Maja Mavrinac, Croatia

For a few days we’ve had Isara the one with us for a test thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers. I am not really a full buckle fan since I just don’t feel comfortable as with using a wrap, ring sling or meh dai but this one is THE ONE!! I loved it!!! It’s soft, adaptable, versatile and so pretty 😊 I was perfectly comfortable wearing my 11month old both front and back, could adjust the carrier to fit us both perfectly. I was really excited to try it with my 3yo too and test out how the seat extenders work and again -loved it! He had amazing support and I was comfortable even in a front carry with quite a big child. I would recommend this carrier to anyone looking for something they can use for a really long time and be super comfortable too.#lenastravelingcarriers #isara #loveisara

Ivana Tominac, Croatia

This was ihe most beautiful carrier as i ever see, fairys, colors, everything 🤭 somehow, it found Its way to us, thanks to the Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) ☺️
It is the one model, from birth till toddler, and i tryed it with 14 months old baby. It has been ewally comfortable and soft, really adjustable, and still is the most beautiful carrier ❤️ 💙#loveisara

Nevena Marjanović, Serbia

Thanks to Lena’s travelling carriers and wraps, we had opportunity to test Isara The One Nightdream baby careier. At the time of testing my baby was 2 months and 5kg weight, so we tried it just in front.
The carrier is soft and light and at the same time strong and very comfortable. Material is beautiful, so as colours, puting and detaching was so easy for us. Baby loves it too. Every time we going she was with us. Panel adjustment was so easy with two way straps, so carrier fits babies and parents of all ages and sizes. Thank you #isara and #lenastravelingcarriers

Bojana Ćelap, Serbia

This is the first carrier of this brand that I have rented. Her beautiful color matches the photos and I was looking forward to carrying my boy in it. The carrier is very comfortable, the panel is adjustable from knee to knee, although these settings are not completely precise because they are with the help of Velcro straps. The seat itself is really comfortable for the baby and really spongy, which is not ideal for summer, but we use it every day. My boy is 15 months and 11kg and the litter fits him perfectly. All praise for this litter, it meets all my needs. Thanks to Lenin’s traveling stretcher on this occasion.

Maja Savić, Serbia

Thanks to #lenastravelingcariers we had the opportunity to rent this perfect baby carrier, we have been enjoying it for 3 months and it suits us very well. The baby is 15 months old and weighs about 11 kg, wears the number 80-86 and we really enjoy carrying them from kindergarten to home every day (in the morning Dad takes them, and it is easier for him to carry them in his hands, he has not tried this wonderful carrier)

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