Babywearing consultants

Please find the list of babywearing consultants/educators who are supporting parents in our community.

Ana Vuletic

Certified Babywearing consultant, World Wide

School: Slingababy School UK and AdJoyn Baby Consulting

Languages: Serbian, Croatian, English

Ana is a founder of charity library for babywearing Lena’s traveling carriers. For her the most important thing is to support parents and provide them love and tools to feel empowered again. Her motto is “Babywearing belongs to all” and “Support has no limitations”. Special place and importance in her heart is dedicated to Inclusion and kids with special needs and education and working opportunities for mothers.

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Marija Adamovic

Certificated Babywearing Consultant, World Wide

School: UK School of Babywearing (CIC) and Adjoyn Baby Consulting

Languages: Serbian, Croatian, Italian, English

Marija is certified babywearing Consultant. Mom of three. She strive to assist parents in anyway she can, through babywearing community. She truly believes that every parent needs support and understanding, cause no baby comes with user manual.

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Jelena Antolković

Certified Babywearing Consultant, Split Croatia

School: Die Trageschule

Languages: Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian

Jelena is mum of 3. She is based in Split, Croatia. She is passionate for babywearing and providing parents support. She believes in attachment parenthood and also in a power to decide on your own based on provided information.

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Mihaela Vujčić Ilić

Certified Babywearing Consultant

School: Die Trageschule Dresden

Language: English, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian

Mihaela is doula and babywearing counselor located in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Focus of my work are pregnant people and fresh parents and helping them found their path in parenthood.

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Isidora Kosic

Babywearing Consultant, Serbia

School: Die Trageschule

Languages: Serbian, English

Isidora is a babywearing consultant, doula and owner of only babywearing shop in Belgrade, Serbia. Idea for opening the shop came when she had no chance to try a carrier before buying it. Her goal is to offer parents a place where they can try various carriers and, with help from experienced babywearer and consultant, choose the right carrier for them and their baby.
What she loves the most is encouraging new parents to try babywearing with their newborns so they can enjoy more this challenging period.

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Tea Oreskovic Sertic

Certified Babywearing Consultant, Našice

School: UK School of Babywearing (CIC)

Languages: Croatian, Serbian, English

Tea is certified babywearing consultant located in Nasice, Croatia. Focus on her work is to help parents to carry their baby on safe and comfortable way.šice-113018067243154/

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Edita Umihanic

Certified Babywearing Consultant, WorldWide

Schools: UK School of Babywearing (CIC), Die Trageschule

Languages: Croatian, Serbian, English, Italian

Edita is a passionate babywearing lover! She promotes babywearing as an amazing tool to bond with your little ones and recognize and understand their needs. She is also a founder of Croatian non-profit civil association & slinglibrary ”nosiljkoRijeka” that promotes babywearing, consults, supports and educates parents and all caregivers. Her aim is to share and spread her babywearing knowledge and skills. She wants to raise awareness of the importance of babywearing and attachment parenting in general.

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Katarina Radovanovic

Certified Babywearing Consultant Serbia

School: UK School of Babywearing (CIC)

Languages: Serbian, English

Katarina is certified babywearing consultant located in Belgrade, Serbia. Her goal is to spread awareness of the benefits that babywearing brings for both babies and parents. She would love to inspire and encourage parents to practice babywearing and educate them how to do it safely.

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Mirna Perendija Kucevic

Babywearing Consultant

School: Die Trageschule

Languages: Serbian, Croatian

Mirna have amazing love for babywearing and support to parents and she also have design carriers using her expirience to even make larger impact. She believes that parent support is most important, especially to mothers.

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