I have learned so much trough this group and I am over and over amazed how much love, support and time everyone put in this group to help strangers babywearing and connect with their kids. I enjoy kissing and cuddling with mu kid and thank you for borrowing us carrier to do so.


I love human side of this group, because all is about giving unconditional support to mums who loves babywearing. The idea blow my mind as it is so rare this days that someone starts something like this. And I want to thank all admins and members for support.


I always believed that babywearing can’t be reserved just for the rich parents and I think it goes beyond it – as a way of living and thinking. This group helps us all who does not have funds to buy a carrier to have our kids close to our hearts and feel them everyday. Thank…


I follow group as I love to see that love and trust still exists.  I am happy to see unconditional understanding and giving without asking anything in return. I did not rent carriers as I already have mine, but still I enjoy in all the stories here.


We have been renting carriers to see if the baby will love it. And there is no doubt that he enjoys it. It also helps my husband who is traveling a lot because of work to reconnect with his son. And I am enjoying watching them and also carrying my baby. Thank you for making…


I was in a bad place before I was recommended  LTC group and babywearing. And then I have tried my first ring sling and somehow everything changes. Everything become a bit easier and I reconnect with my baby. Thank you for everything you are doing.