Luluna Nomeolvides Turmalin

Luluna Nomeolvides Turmalin

size 7


Tsumugi silk 40%, 60%combed cotton

Jelena Perunicic, Serbia

We tested this beauty a few weeks ago. It was more then breathtaking. So soft and so firm, and so delicate. Beautiful colors and shine of the wrap. It was so easy to work with even it wasn’t still broke in. Would love to try it in smaller size shorty like 4 or 3. It would be easy to wrap a baby since it was so nice. Loved it.

Ana Frank Krstić, Serbia

Luluna Nomeolvides is wrap that it is difficult to be forgotten. Not only because of its look and shine, but also its softness and strength at the same time. It was perfect wrap for doublr hammock erapped by beginner in back carries. I eas fascinated by how easy was to wrap my 9-month-old baby and not to feel her 8kgs at all. Although it is size 7 I managed to wrap it in no time. We really enjoyed testing it and would definitely like to have something in this blend in our stash. Thanks Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps)for this opportunity and many happy moments of babywearing.

Marijana Mojsilovic, Serbia

Luluna Nomeolvides is one of the softest wraps I had the chance to try and test. My testee is 1 – year-old and has 9 kgs. I didn’t feel his weight on the shoulders. It is soft like a snowflake but due to silk in its blend holds very strongly. Silk is something I would like to have in a perfect toddler wrap and this could be that perfect one. Unfortunately, my baby boy was ill so we couldn’t enjoy it more. It is a real pitty since this wrap deserves a lot of love and carrying. All in all, beautufull wrap with beautifull blend made our days more beautufull thanks to LTC and Luluna ❤️

Luca Rac Szabo, Serbia

I’ve lost my virginity… again. Luluna Nomeolvides Turmalin was the first wrap with silk I had the chance to try. For first I was not fallen from my feet, because the silky wrap slipped and I was not able to fix it how it should be fixed under my perpetuum mobile testee. Second time my trial was more successful, but at third time, with a simple rucksack and a tibetian finish I was very satisfied. It held my sons “little” 10kg heavy bum very easily and wearing him was very comfortable and easy. I know I will need more practice with a silky wrap, but I can recommend it from my hearth for everyone, who loves silk and thin, airy, cushy but completely comfortable and supportive wrap. Even when he was striking against wrapping, he fell asleep before I’ve finished wrapping. A least but not at last : I really like the colour combination and the pattern is a true love!

Kristina Kostic, Serbia

We try this wonderful wrap, Luluna Nomeolvides Turmalin, in size 7. Texture and pattern are just amazing. I like it very much. And its so soft. Testee is 11 months old and 11kgs, and I didn’t feel weight on shoulders. Only it’s too long, but anyway I’m impressed with this wrap. Thans a lot Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps)
Luluna Slings

Vesna Djinovic, Serbia

Luluna: Nomeolvides Turmalin
280gsm, 40% tsumugi silk, 60% combed cotton, vel 7. This is beautiful,soft wrap.Tester is 18 mounts old and about 14kg.I didn’t feel his weight on my shoulders,and it was realy easy to make a knot.
Thank you for opportunity to tray this beauty #lenastravelingcarriers and Luluna Slings ❤❤❤

Marija Adamovic, Serbia

Thanks to Luluna Slings and Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps) we had the great opportunity to test gorgeous Nomeolvides turmalin with tsmugi silk.
My testees are 8 and 5 killos and 7 months old.
This wrap is so beautiful, moldable and soft that I fell in love at first touch.
Thanks to silk in it, it i was so easy to tandem carry without even need to tighten twice.
I didn’t feel the weight on my shoulders, that I usually do.
This beauty is also size 7,so I loved it even more, cause I need a lot of fabric for my tandem wearing.
If you are looking for one wrap, from the beginning to the end, look no further, this is the one that will knock you down!
Thank you Luluna and Lenine for this amazing opportunity.

Tamara Crevar, Serbia

This is my first test wrap, I was nervous at first moment unwraping it, but colour and texture are amazing and happines overwhelmed me. It is easy to wrap, soft and colours are perfect for my casual outfit (jeans, sneakers, T-shirt). It has bounce, which I personaly prefer since carring in elastic wrap. We tried front and back carries, and my impressions are perfect. Thanks to Luluna and Lena’s traveling carriers for opportunity to try this gorgeous wrap.

Biljana Elek, Serbia

The Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps) has once again given me the opportunity to enjoy babywearing. Luluna Nomeolvides Turmalin, blend with 60% combed cotton and 40% tsumugi silk in size 7, is a beautiful wrap, full of sleeping dust. Soft as butter, with a little more grip than I prefer and not very much glide, it has been a great support in carrying my baby girl, 6.5 months old and 7 kg weight. But it remained cushy on shoulders during wearing of
2 year and 8 months old and 14 kg heavy toddler. The colors and pattern are lovely. Thank you LTC and Luluna Slings.
So…..Nomeolvides….. I will never forget you.

Ana Milovanović, Serbia

Hello from Serbia! As member of Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps) we had opportunity to test this lovely wrap. Baby was about 10,5 kilos and I was suprised how light he felt in it. Colours are little faded for my taste, but after all it was great wrap!

Sanja Putnik, Serbia

We had chance to test Nomeolvides Turmalin thanks Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps) and Luluna Slings but my toddler didn’t want to wear. 😞 He was in a srike and he only wanted to play hide and seek with wrap. 😁 On first sight wrap is very soft and beautiful colors, only I think 7 it’s too long for me. I hope he will want to test next wrap.😊

Mirta Zlošilo, Croatia

We had oportunity to test Nomeolvides Turmalin. With 280gsm 40% tsumugi and 60% cotton it held amazingly. Only flaw was that this one we tried is size7 but thats personal problem cause I’m just little (168cm/53kg). Babies are 2yrs around 15kg and 1yr old with around 12kg. Had to try tandem as well and when I managed to tie them it was amazig. Wrap has nice amount of glide and cush but I felt a bit “scratched” with its surface. Would’t doubt at all to buy it in different size. Came fully broken and in nice wrapability. Wholeheartedly recommend it.

Denis Caro, Croatia

Nomeolvides Turmalin – 40% tsumugi
We had the pleasure of testing this wrap in size 7. Turmalin is a kind of wrap I like, thin in hand, easy to wrap with but has the much needed strenght from the silk. I loved the look of it, the colours are not which you see everyday, suited well in this autumnal feel. We used this wrap in a walk around the lake of which I carried my toodlerina for around 3km for sure. That was the longest walk I used it for, others were shorter, cca 30-40min. We used it in a ruck tied tibetan with extra half knot under bum, double hammock with cccb and sweetheart finish and a fwcc.
This is a bit too long wrap for me but we managed. I liked the feel of it and its wqs.
Thank you 😘

Ana Buneta, Croatia

I love Luluna and I’m very thankful I had a chance to try this tsumugi silk-combed cotton wrap – Luluna Nomeolvides Turmalin (280gsm, size 7). It was totally soft when it arrived in our home. My husband really love the colors and pattern and he almost tried it 🙂 It was thin but very supportive. We are babywearing rarely, since my son decided that walking is more fun, but there were more than a few times he grabbed it and bring it to me. We used it mostly in the ruck and a double hammock. It was very comfortable on the shoulders, and it holds firmly. I loved it. Thank you Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers)
#lenastravellingcarriers #luluna

Ana Trusk, Croatia

Luluna Nomeolvides was our guest for couple of days. When I applied for testing, I didn’t pay attention and was very surprised when a size 7 came to my door 🤣🙈. I am 165 cm tall and have 55 kg, so it is basically my base +2 🤣. My wrapee is one year old and 8,5 kg. The lenghth of the wrap made the visit interesting- I am not used to wraping that long wraps, and nether is my usually patient child 🤣🤣. She wasn’t very happy when she saw me taking that wrap 🙈. If we put the lenghth a side, I loved this wrap. It was my first encounter with silk. I loved the colours, the texture and the the way it wraps. It is thin yet supportive. It doesn’t move a bit no matter how sloppy the wrapjob is. I would love to meet this wrap again, only shorter.

Maja Vinko, Croatia

Thanks to @Luluna and @Lenine putujuce nosiljke I was able to try out the wrap Luluna Nomeolvides Turmalin. At the moment, my baby is almost 5 months old and about 8 kg. The wrap was very soft and thin in hand. It was very moldable, but once tied, it stayed that way perfectly. I think it would be great for begginers because it has just enough of glide but it’s not slippery. It’s a beautiful blend and the pattern is gorgeous. I actually prefered the “wrong” side which was lighter and more colorful. I wish we could have had it longer because I just loved everything about it.

Tea Orešković Sertić, Croatia

Thanks to #Luluna and #Lenastravellingcarriers I was able to try this wrap. I think it was sixth Luluna wrap i tried and it made good job. It was easy to wrap it, especially for newborn. For backcarry I needed a Little more glide-a. I’m really glad I had opportunity to try this wrap, now I finnaly tried Luluna silk.

Sara Dabić, Croatia

We had the chance to try this amazing wrap. This wrap is great, great amount of grip and glide, held my little wiggler in place. Only problem was its size (s7). I’m not that small, but it was still too long.

Jovana Pavlović, Serbia

Thanks to LPN we rented Luluna nomeolvides turmalin size 7. Baby was 14mo and had 13kgs. This wrap is great, easy to use, length was ideal for me but we rarely wrapped due to my pregnancy. Also, my toddler refused to be carried. Thanks again for this opportunity❤️

Ivana Saric, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Luluna Slings we could rent Luluna Slings NOMEOLVIDES TURMALIN Wrap. The wrap is in cotton 60%, tsumugi silk 40% blend, and 280 g/m2 thick.

This one we have for a longer time, so we could use it properly and more often. aby is 13 months old, 11 kg, 86 cm high. The colors of it are quite dreamy, fairytale-like. Nothing that would stick out, nothing too flashy but still beautiful. Used it for a walk, daily tasks like laundry and washing, tried different wrapping styles, and we loved it. Gathered more courage to back carry with it due to it being very supportive and wiggle-proof. Expected more glide due to silk, but it is really supportive and with enough grip just as I like it.

#lenastravelingcarriers i #ltclulunatester

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