The most loved carriers in 2020.

The Most loved carriers in 2020.

Success of Lena’s traveling carriers in 2020.

First of all we want to say thank you to all those amazing brands which support us this year and helped us grow and many new names we saw and introduced to our market despite whole year being mostly in lock down state.

We also want to say big thank you to parents which has been with us on this journey – it was a tough year but you make it manageable.

This year we have assisted 1486 times to parents to carry their kids and we have reached 137 cities.

We currently have 336 carriers in our stash in 3 countries and we introduced parents to 123 brands in Balkan. This year we have created a page and got support of 19k people and one of our videos has been watched 18 millions times. We had amazing journey were we have managed to send one of our admins to certify for babywearing consultant, we deliver second round of donations to NICU in Belgrade for premature babies, we have started a project to help creative mums LPN Bazar. We have celebrated many babies born in our admin team and also in our group. So even we had a lock down and pause for some time of the year we managed to do a lot together. Thank you for all the love and support, for all the joy, fun and even sadness and stress you shared with us.

The Best SSC Carriers in 2020.

1. DracoMom Carriers Baby Size

2. Kahu Baby Carrier Nesting Bird

3. Lenny Lamb Preschool Wild Soul

4. Sensimo Slings Freely Grow, Pop Art Navy wraps

The Best Half Buckle carriers in 2020.

1. Isara Quick Half Buckle Azzurro

The Best Onbuhimo in 2020.

1. DracoMom Carriers

The best Framed Carriers in 2020.

1. OE Carrier

The best Handwoven Wrap in 2020.

1. Feather Handwoven: The Waves on Danube

The Best Woven Wrap in 2020.

1. Opium Slings Asterism Golden Night

2. Pure Sling Swallow’s tower

3. Ruby Wraps Sunshine Green Gables

4. Almitra Tattva Babywearing Art Studio Larona

5. Little Frog Natural Wildness

The Best Ring Slings in 2020.

1. BelleLelle – Magic Wraps Spring Wind Mother Earth

2. WildBird Spoonbill – Double Layer

3. Stork Ring Sling Stonewashed Linen Mustard

The Best Stretchy Wrap in 2020.

1. CalinBleu Mustard

Each year the choice is getting harder for al of us and hope in years to come it will be even harder which will mean that we will have many more carriers to offer ❤️ Thanks to all of our sponsors and all lovely parents which made this group such amazing place to be part of. Lot of love, Ana and admin team

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