Feather Handwoven Waves on Danube

Feather Handwoven

Waves on the Danube
4%Alpaca silk
Size 4
395cm x 70cm
290gsm postwash

Ivana Tominac, Croatia

After a while, this beauty came on a test to us ☺️ when i applyed for test i had in mund to tryed it with a two year old, but in meanwhile someone New came, so had the opportunity to tryed it 🤭
It is really really soft and feels like a sponge, but Its not to tick. Colors are unbeliaveble, real beauty. Do, my baby was small and only 4 kg, but you dont feel anything while wearing it 💙
It is not ideal for the hott summer, but for everything else, it is ☺️ perfect wrap ❤️ so happy to try something handmade 🤭
#lenastravelingcarriers #vesnaltc

Nera Vranić, Croatia

This wonderful blanket 😁 is a real surprise. It is thicker to the touch but easy to roll. We fell in love with her at first. The colors are beautiful. It holds babies of 9kg and 13kg perfectly. I am grateful for the opportunity to try this beauty. #lenastravelingcarriers #vesnaltc

Tea Orešković Sertić, Croatia

This amazing wrap left US today. It’s something totally different from everything i tried before. It’s so easy to wrap, soft, airy. Color is even better in real. Only thing i don”t like od fringes 🙈 i mostly carried fwcc and it was perfect. My baby was stricking back Carey so I didn’t see full potential od wrap. And when i wrapped it was, where is middle marker 🤔 that tiny detail, feather instead mm is really cool ❤️ #lenastravellingcarriers #vesnaltc

Nena Pavelić, Croatia

Yesterday we said goodbye to this beautiful handwoven wrap 💙
@vesna.djinovic from @FeatherHandwoven really did great work!
The wrap is called Waves on Danube and it’s made out of 63% cotton, 23% Tencel,10% linen, and 4% alpaca silk.
My favorite size 4!
This wrap is airy, soft, spongy, and easy to wrap. I usually have small problems with some finishes but this one goes by itself, literally 😁
Not a big fan of fringes here 🙈 but I didn’t mind, it gave some kind of luxury look to the wrap.
My not so small wrapee is now almost 13kg but once this wrap is tightened correctly you will not have any problem wearing a heavier child.
#lenastravelingcarriers #vesnaltc

Maja Hamzić, Croatia

Thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers and Feather Handwoven I was abel to test Waves on Danube in size 4.
My baby boy is 13 months old and has 11kg.
I try front and back carries.
It is moldable, more grip then glade. I didn’t felt my sons weight in longer walks. I really love the color. I’m big fan of blue and the name rekla suits it.

Anica Miličević, Serbia

Vesna Djinovic sold me my first ever wrap and she told me then that she is daring to dream about making her own wraps. So, I was very happy and honoured that not even a year later I had opportunity to test one of her wraps thanks to Lena’s travelling carriers. Waves on Danube sz 4 is so moldable, soft but supportive. My boy is 16 months old and has 14 kg. I didn’t felt his weight at all and I am 21 weeks pregnant 😀
This wrap is a real beauty and we are honoured to test it. 💜
#lenastravelingcarriers #vesnaltc

Dragana Rogošić, Croatia

Last summer, as a part of Croatian tester group, I had the pleasure to host Feather handwowen Waves on Danube. Beautiful colorful wrap with 63%cotton, 23% tencel, 10%linen and 4%alpaca blend. It came in size 4, base-2 for me.
It doesn’t feel thin in hand but it’s not bulky either. I would describe it as „medium thick“. I tried it in ruck and double hammock TUB carry. Once you tighten it, it stays perfectly in place. There was absolutely no sag or movement and I found it very comfortable on my shoulders with my 14kg toddler. It was little too prickly on skin for my taste, but anyway this is an awsome wrap. Thank you LPN for this opportunity.
#lenastravelingcarriers #vesnaltc

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