Isara QUICK Half Buckle Azzurro

ISARA QUICK Half Buckle Azzurro

Nina Bukvić, Serbia

Okay, this is one of the nicest, softest, the best carriers ever. Love at first sight, that is, at first carrying. It has only been with us for three days, but my two-month-old and 7kg heavy baby boy and I already adore it!
I do not know where to start from. Color … A simple, beautiful shade of blue. I don’t like to divide colors into girly and boyish, but if someone does, I think it would suit both boys and girls, moms and dads.
Halfbuckle or belt with a buckle, shoulder straps like a mei tai carrier. The belt is perfect! Not too soft, not too hard, not wide, not thin, perrrfect! The same goes for shoulders. Personally, I prefer softer belts and not very puffy shoulder straps. Everything is just right here.
The panel is so soft and gentle, made of 100% organic cotton, breathable, I have no words to describe it. I believe it is perfect for summer. (it’s currently about 26C)
It is easily and simply adjustable in width and height, so that it suitable for babies from 50 cm to 98 cm in height.
Again, this carrier is perfect!
If you are at the beginning of babywearing, you have no experience and you are looking for advice … This carrier is for you. Simplicity and softness. That’s how I would describe it in shortest way.
Thank you Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and ISARA for making possible for us to try and enjoy in this beauty! 💙💙💙
#ltctesting #isara

Kristina Kostic, Serbia

This Isara Half Buckle is the perfect blend of SCC’s simplicity and wrap’s comfort. Color is neutral , very elegant. Material is soft. Panel is set up really easily, to suit both babies and toddlers. The testers are 6 months, 10kg and 2 years, 13kg. It is easy to adjust and comfortable even with heavier weights. It isn’t felt on the shoulders because of the really comfortable soft straps. Even for long walks it is perfect. Exellent carrier, all recommendations from me. Thanks for opportunity Lena’s traveling carriers and ISARA

Doroteja Cvijanov, Serbia

As a #LTCtester had the opportunity to try Isara Half Buckle Izy with my baby girl who is 9 months old and 10 kg, and I can tell that this is the ultimate summertime carrier if you need one. It is so lightweight and because of the very soft shoulder straps and the soft material you don’t even feel the weight of your baby. We tried carrying on back also and it is really comfortable. I am not really good at wrapping, but I think with practice I would have done it better. Thank you #lenastravelingcarriers and #isaraLTC for the opportunity to try this really lovely carrier ❤️

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