LennyLamb Preschool Wild Soul

LennyLamb Preschool Wild Soul

Radmila Gaćina, Serbia

Looking for a gorgeous Preschool carrier? Lenny is good choice.
Lenny Lambs preschool carrier is made from woven wrap fabric jacquard 100% cotton so it’s incredibly soft.
This fabric design is called Wild Soul. This are a lovely colors for this summer. The vibrant colors of this one just make it more of a notable contrast.The shoulder straps are also lightly padded and they still distribute toddlers weight well. The waistband is only lightly padded and a lovely shaped. Only thing I don’t like is the place for the button safety buckle on the waistband, it has an additional safety catch that needs to needs to be pressed in to undo the waistband (need both hands for unbutton).
Once the straps are done up you can tighten them by pulling in either direction. I really like the pocket for the little things on the belt, good for keys and phone. Rather than a removable hood, the Lenny Lamb hood is attached to the carrier, we didnt use it because big boy dont want to sleep in it. It may be a little warm to wear on the hottest summer days, but I don’t think it will be a big issue. For back carries, the deep seat of the Lenny makes it tricky for me to get big boy properly seated.
In my action shots, boy is almost 4y old, 117cm, 25kg. Sometimes, though,
he just wants that closeness, and I love to wear him while I still can!

Bojana Stanić, Serbia

LL Preschool Wild Soul
Jacquard wave 100% cotton
My husband and I tested this carrier for a few days, with both of our kids since this carrier is suitable for 1-6 yo children. Our younger kid is almost 20 months old and weights over 10kg, and our older child is 19kg and has 4 years. I liked the fact that this carrier is good for both of them and both husband and me, because it’s economical if we buy one. I love this patern and colors. The material is soft, comfortable on the shoulders, even with bigger kids. I like this type of belt, it’s strong and firm, but not too much. The only thing I disliked a bit is the side belt, I would like to have more comfort on him. But for me, this whole carrier is superb 👌
Easy to pack, simple but fast to put the child in/out. We did mountaint walk in this carrier, and we will charish those moments forever. Thank you Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers).


Sanja Markovic, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) we had the opportunity to test Prescool Wild Soul Daedalus carrier. I have a big kid (he just got out of prescool 🤣) but he is such cuddle lover. He was carried as a baby but not as nearly as his younger brother because I was’t so familiar with babywearinv…so he asked me when are u going to carry me a litlle bit in a carrier🙈 Lenny prescool was the prefect opportunity to make his wish come true 🤩 there are many times in long walks when he gets very tired…thats when carriers comes to a rescue…this carrier is in ful made of a wrap so its so comfortable as for the carrier so for the child, even ih hot summer days….it made for big kids so his 20kg were not a problem…even though his hight (122cm) colud be a little of an issue but we managed really well…soft waits, padded suspenders and buckles so prefectly positioned…colors are just amazing…we really enjoyed it…

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