Stork Ring Sling Stonewashed linen

Stork Ring Sling Stonewashed 100% linen

Katarina Ilić, Serbia

This is already the fourth Stork ring sling I’ve tried. Every time I am surprised when something new goes on sale. They offer something for everyone. There is a very thin sling for newborn babies, which is perfect for summer. They also have double layered slings that hold todlers very well. There are also linen slings that are great for any season, but especially for summer. As many know, it takes a little time to break a linen wrap. And the stork has now made the perfect sling out of stonewashed linen.
This is the perfect sling for small and large babies, for the summer period and parents who want a soft sling from the very beginning. I don’t know what the secret is, but this type of shoulder doesn’t suit me very well, but with STORK Ring Sling it’s just right. I saw that they have them in different colors and everyone can find for themselves what they like. I won’t even talk about the dedication of the people behind the #stork brand. Well done and thank you on opportunity to try this perfect sling❤️

Kristina Kostic, Serbia

This Stork ring sling made of stonewashed linen is a real summer refreshment. Color is vibrant. Material is very soft, although it is new, it doesn’t need to be broken. It is full of texture and airy. The testers are 6 months, 10kg and 2 years, 13kg. We tried front,hip and back carry. Slides perfectly throw rings. This ring sling is very comfortable and holds a lot of weight very well. It doesn’t heat at all, and it is ideal for hot summer days. All recommendarions. Thanks Lena’s traveling carriers and STORK Ring Sling

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