Hiking and babywearing

✨Hiking – here we come✨

Along with other types of carriers there are also framed carriers especially design for outdoors and hiking with kids.

framed carrier

Framed Carrier ✔️

Babies must be able to sit up on their own to go in a backpack hiking carrier.

If you are going to go on any serious hikes or hike frequently, you’ll maybe absolutely want a framed backpack carrier.

If you just need it once for not so rough terrain then choose Soft Structure Carrier as less bulky and you will still be able to use it on daily basis.

Framed carriers offers better balance and distribution and because of frame a bit more protection for the baby when you hike rough terrain and they are more comfortable for the baby as they have great view and they can rest their feet, have more air flow and also if you have sun shade that is great solution. Most framed carriers also come with some small additional storage space, wich can add weight but can be handy., But keep in mind that many find framed carriers not so comfortable so try out one first or hire for a test carry trough local library.

Soft Structure Carrier ✔️

For infants and young babies, a front-facing soft structured carrier is best for hiking as you will be able to constantly monitor your baby and easily access supplies in a backpack wich you can wear on your back. Once your child gets to be around 1 year old, a framed carrier is much more comfortable for you and your child. Framed child carriers usually are best for toddlers too. But as mentioned above if you are on one time only hiking event then maybe framed carrier is not worth investing as they are pricy. Carring baby on back on SSC is also a great option and better then carry older kid in front as he might blocking your view and influence your balance. But carrying baby on a back comes with one downside – you will miss storage space, so make sure you are going with someone else on hiking tour.

DracoMom Soft Structure Carrier

Ring Sling ❌

Ring Sling will go in category – What not to choose for hiking? Ring sling is not good option for hiking as it is only on one shoulder and because rings can interfire with backback on your back. It also will interfire your ballance. Worth mentioning that they can interfire with your arm mobility especially if you plan to use trekking poles.

Vanamo Ring Sling

Woven Wrap ✔️❌

This is a grey area a bit as they are different opinions and level of expertise and type of wrap, age of baby and also what style if wrapping you have and need. It is worth mentioning that with multiple layers baby and you can get heat waves and as for ring sling wrap can interfire with carrying a backpack and also mobility in arms. So if you decide to use wrap make sure you are aware of all this.

Woven Wings Woven Wrap

Meh Dai (Mei Tai) ✔️

It is same as Soft Structure Carrier but it can be downside long rails if you don’t know hacks how to shorten them so they will not drag on the ground, especially in muddy or during snow season they can become not only dirty but wet.

Positions of carrier

You can choose between front forward face carry or back carry after they start sitting independently. Wearing on hip or front forward facing is not recommended as it can interfire with your balance.


If you have baby which can sit independently then opt out for SSC or Meh Dai and also if you are not frequent in hiking. But if it is your weekly weeknd practice on hard terrain then maybe start thinking of investing in framed carrier for better hiking expirience for both you and the baby, but remember to try your option first in local sling library and explain local babywearing consultant your needs and you will be sure that you got best advice and investment.

Also make sure you get good hiking boots and clothes depending on terrain and weather.

Written: Certified babywearing consultant Ana Vuletic

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