Snow Wash wraps

✨ Snow washing wrap with wool ✨

I realised recently that many are not familiar with wool snow washing. It is a quick and effective way to keep your woven wraps in winter clean and fresh.

For centuries, snow washing has been used in Nordic countries to wash wool rugs. Here’s the simple process: lay down wrap in the snow, rub it around, flip it over and do the same to the other side. Shake out the snow and, if you need to, repeat. In just a few minutes, the wrap will be bright and clean. Then take the clean wrap  inside to dry air it.

Basically everything with wool you can wash on snow (rugs, clothes, mittens, hats and wraps.. ).

The best is to use powdery snow which is on high minus temperatures perfect. Today I went to wash my personal woolen wraps with kids on – 20c.

Have you tired it and interested to try it out?

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