Medicine for Chemotherapy

Unfortunately medical support is poor in Serbia and the right to have a medicine should be a norm not a privilege.

One of our members went through round of red Chemotherapy where the advised best medicine for sickness is Akynzeo, where 1 tablet cost around 65euros, which for average Seebian salary of 200euros is mostly out of the reach.

As LTC is a group of some amazing women, we gathered and bought 6 tablets for 6 rounds of chemo for our member.

Later on, we find out that is only needed for red cycles and some have been left.

Then those went as direct donation to KBC Zemun- Hematologija. Those have been delivered by amazing member Ivana Popovic to main nurse Biljana and locked as donation till distrubution to those in need. The mum who has been given add one more for donation.

We are extremely humbled and proud of our group and mums. Without them nothing will be possible.

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