Edelweiss – Babywearing and adventures belong to all

Edelweiss – Babywearing and adventures belong to all, written by Ana Vuletić and illustrated by Lejla Velić

Spread the love of babywearing

There are many opportunities to pass our love and values to our little ones. One of the best tools to do so is – example and second to that is book.

Ana Vuletić, who is founder of Lena’s traveling carriers and certified babywearing consultant was always writing but when she becomes a mum she that naturally transferred on beautiful adventures for her daughters.

“Edelweiss” at first was a one of good night stories for her daughters but with amazing support of Ana’s dear friends she decided to share it with other families.

Creative process

I have written a draft, but it has suffered many changes till it was ready to publish. With a book you need to understand responsibility when entering homes and kids minds. It is a huge pressure and privilege and I feel humbled by whole expirience.

I have questioned each word, phrase and sentence. It was a process of testing with my kids and also closest firends kids age 1 to 12 years. We needed to make sure that we don’t overburdened them, that it has natural flow and keep their attention. Words cannot be complicated but I want to pass all the values and make sure massages are heard without over emphasise it. It should come natural and stay with them trough growing up. So, pressure was high but it was amazing letting me learn along much more about myself, my family and our kids.

Initial sketch of the characters

The secong hardest part is to find illustrator who is able to understand your vision and values and have similar thoughts process. I have talked with several people before I was connected to Lejla. It was instant connection. The level of understanding between us it is clearly shown in illustration and all the love for characters. From my book it quickly became our book as we both put our hearts and soul in it. It is in a way our “child” and we become great friends in process. I find it natural when you share with someone such an intimate thing as your deepest thoughts and vision. It was such an easy work, exchanging ideas and creating something will last forever. Communication and level of understanding were a key for the whole book to be completed in a way we are confident to share it with others.


Babywearing and Lena’s traveling carriers brought in my life some amazing friends. Without them it will not be possible to get the book ready and printed. I cannot share enough how much help and love and support I got. Those who stayed late at night reviewing each version, each word and marks. Poiting out spaces and commas, miss typing, better wording and who aslo become huge part of the book. So as Lena’s traveling carriers not belong to anybody but all that happens also with a book, it become part of all of us and ours. It represents us, our strong connection and love and support and those values are hardcoded in a book itself. There is no better legacy for us to leave.


Babywearing is a huge part of the book to transfer all the values we stand for. It is amazing story of women’s empowerment, community and overcoming differences for inclusion of each type.


Many books already reach their homes and have been read to little ones and so much love and kind words are still coming each day. The book is available in Serbian and English and we already reached Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro but also Europe and wild world like Japan and USA.

How to order a book

Find us on FB or IG Bookedelweiss or trough our website edelweissfamily.com

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