Zumbucca Doll Carrier

Zumbucca doll carrier

Olja Krstić, Serbia, 7y old

This carrier is really comfortable. I have “baby” of 6 months and “girl” of 5 years. Carrier is beautiful and it was my pleasure to try it first. I love to carry on my back as then I can do anything. I hope everyone who are babywearing like me enjoy it.

Dunja Kostic, Serbia 5y old

It is comfortable for me when I carry baby in front carry, not so much when I carry on my back. That’s it.

Đorđe Kostić, Serbia 1. 5y old

My baby is sleeping, pssttt

Jefimija Jevtic, Serbia, 5y old

I prefer babywearing on my back.

Helena Kostić, Serbia, 7y old

Helena (7,5) : “It is really comfortable for small and larger babies. I have carry my twins in tandem in front in wrap smaller baby and on back larger baby in buckle carrier. I like it, but I prefer still babywearing in wrap.
#zumbucca #lenastravelingcarriers #ltctester

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