Kenhuru Slings Stripes Mike

Kenhuru Slings Stripe Mike, size 6, 100% cotton, 210gsm

Bojana Miljevic Karanovic, Serbia

Our first wrap. Amazing. So soft and comfortable and good also for summer wearing. At the beginning I have struggled with all that material but I quickly learn how to properly wrap. Baby at first was not so happy but she also quickly has adjusted to babywearing.

Marina Stojanovic, Serbia

We tested Kenhuru Slings Stripe Mike thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers . I must say that the black is my color and this attracted me first.Weaving is very interesting, l thought it will be slippery, but it wasn’t.This wrap is soft, light,super even for this hot hot days. We enjoed carring in. I used it for longer walks, sorry for not having more picture to prove it. I didn’t feel my baby weight and my back didn’t hurt me at all. So l’m very satisfied, hope we will use it again.

Milica Sofronijevic, Serbia

We tested Kenhuru Slings Stripe Mike, it was our first successful attempt. 🙂 We liked it a lot. The wrap is soft and combination of colors are perfect. 🤗 We are really satisfied! Thank you #lenastravelingcarriers for giving us the opportunity to try it out! 🥰
Just to say that my baby is one month old and have 5kg.

Milica Andrejić, Serbia

We rented Kenhuru Slings Stripe for a period of three months,and it is our first mounth wearing.Material is so soft.My baby boy 5 months old and 8kg weight.He likes wearing and he fall asleep every time in wrap.In start we have trouble and we did not wear,,but now we enjoing in wearing. Thank you #lenastravelingcarriers

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