Yaro Slings Polka Dot

Yaro slings Polka Dot Ultra Black Yellow Flame Ring Sling

100% cotton, 265gsm

Milica Alterov Ex Pajić, Serbia

We have this amazing opportunity to wear this RS. Baby is 2 years old and 13kg. It’s nice experience for short time of wearing. We are in love with colour and pattern and we love to use both sides. Thanks LPN 😍

Ana Vuletic, Finland

I have tried dots with older daughter, she is 4yers old and around 17kg. It could carry this much weight but for shorter distance as I would say material would drag after some time because of the weaving so I would say Yaro Contra is much better choice for heavier kiddos with 300gsm. It looks beautiful and almost there is no need for breaking it at all is soft after first use.

Jasmina Marinković, Serbia

We had a pleasure to try this Polka Dot ring sling. Baby is 15months and round 11kg. Sling is soft but strong, and very beautiful and colorful. It was easy to wrap with and stays in place very well. It was very comfortable, but since we are at the end of our babywearing journey I’m sorry we didn’t use it as much as we should have and that I don’t have any good picture. Thanks Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) for this opportunity 💗

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