Maison Croisette, Watercolor – Harmony

Maison Croisette, Watercolor – Harmony, gsm 275, 100% organski pamuk, žakardno tkanje

Jelena Jovanović, Serbia

After a while, we tested! 😁
And what a beauty this one is. First of all, it has fringes! I love fringes! And it is sooo soft and cuddly, and silky, even my girl was touching it all the time. It seems a lot thicker than it’s 275gsm, but that totally rocks with bigger babies. It glides so well, that even when not set up like it should, you can tighten it. But when set up straight, it holds nicely, we both enjoyed. Baby is not a baby no more, 3 years old, and about 11kg, and I felt that, but not as a diskomfort. I really warmly reccomend this ring sling.

Višnja Tasić Stojković, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) we are testing this beautiful ring sling. The baby is 9 monts old and weighting about 9,5 kg. The material is soft and the colors are amazing. It’s easy to adjust it. We are very satisfied with this beautiful ring sling. Thanks again #lenastravelingcarriers

Milijana Matic Babic, Serbia

Maison croisette, watercolour – harmony
Thanks to lenine putujuce nosiljke I have tested this beautiful ring sling with my 1year old and around 10kg weight,and my 3 year old around 14 kg. Both my baby and I loved it. It perfectly holds her weight and spread it so it felt like a cloud on my shoulder. And also colours are amazing. Thanks again for this great opportunity.

Tamara Miskeljin, Serbia

Maison Croisette watercolor – harmony ring sling, 270gsm, 100% cotton

Oh what a loveliness, it looks so classy an noble, with the beautiful design, royal blue an white color combo, and lovely fringes!
Very soft, moldable, and the weaving makes it feel thicker than 270gsm. Nice balance of glide and grip, easy to tighten but holded this 12.5kg, 18 months old so well.
It was a pleasure to try it, thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers. Would gladly wear it daily, as well as per some special occasion❤️❤️❤️

Katarina Milosevic Ex Matic, Serbia

His Majesty’s Ring Sling came to us for testing quite by accident. I was charmed by its beauty, I thought it was a wrap and signed up for testing. Due to my back problems, it is more difficult for me to carry in a sling, but regardless, it was not uncomfortable. Ease of adjustment is an outstanding advantage of slings that I cannot dispute. I fell in love with the design of this RS, I was waiting for it for a long time 💙 and I was not disappointed. My boy is 17 months old and about 10.5 kg, we enjoyed carrying him. We recommend it to everyone for all ages and all seasons. I will not forget its softness and beauty.
Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers)


Darija Maho, Serbia

Maison Croisette watercolor – harmony ring sling, 270gsm, 100% cotton

This slimg is absolutely stunning! The combination of royal blue and white color looks amazing. And it has fringes! It is made of the softest cotton and slides easly throgh the rings.
I really enjoyed testing this ring sling.


Radmila Gaćina, Serbia

Maison Croisette, watercolor – harmony ring sling, 100% cotton, 270gsm.
Thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers for this great opportunity, I have tested this amazing ring sling with my 1,5 year old and around 12kg weight boy. It perfectly held his weight and comfortable on my shoulder. I would recommend it for small babies, also for big kids.

Vesna Obradovic, Serbia

Maison Croisette,watercolor
I tested this sling with my one and a half year old son, it is beautiful and very soft. We were comfortable with all the recommendations for the same. Thank you Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers)

Ana Lazarevic, Serbia

Maison Croisette watercolor – harmony ring sling, 270gsm, 100% cotton

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) we were able to test out this gorgeous. RS. The material is lovely, soft and easy to set up. Baby is 8 months old and about 10kg, wearing was. comfortable both for me and for the baby. The color is absolutely beautiful, even better then in. the pictures, and it even has fringes on the bottom 🙂


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