Isara Quick full buckle

Isara Quick Full Buckle Diamonda Sleeping Mermaid

Mirta Zlošilo, Croatia

It was a pleasure to have a chance to start this test tour. Little bum is almost 8mnths and about 9kg. All I can say is that few minutes of carrying him in this amazing carrier knocked him to sleep.

At first I was afraid although I am consultant ’cause it was my first tryout and buckling on belt under bum confused me a bit. Love the belt and its support, thincknes and stuff inside it. Shoulder straps divide weight evenly when buckled like X on the back. Overall it suited me. It felt nice for me and for the baby. I had a bit of luck that he was calm while I was putting him inside, not quite sure how it would work out with wiggly baby but with a bit of practice I think it would be fine.

Carrier you need a bit to get used to but amazibg after you conect with it 🙂 definitly would recommend but maybe for start if you are new to babywearing and buckles try it around detailed pamflet that comes with it or ask local consultant for help ❤️

#lenastravelingcarriers #ltc

Antonija Gerguri, Croatia

This carrier is third that I tried and it’s definitive the softes and lightest! We really enjoyed to have a tour with it. My baby girl was easily carried in it. At first it was strange to put straps so I studied instructions how to do it. For me best way was to first buckle up without baby and then put baby in it. When you set up straps you can easily hop in and out! When we go on a all day walk we also travel with train and it’s important for me to have light and easy using carrier! So this defenitley fulfilled my expectations and more! My girl is 11 months and 9.5 kg and for now our best way was to carry her on front in mommys hug 🥰. I’m really greatfull for having oppoprtunity for tying ISARA ❤️.

#lenastravelingcarriers #ltc

Daria Hladek, Croatia

Thank you Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and ISARA for giving us this inovative ISARA QUICK Full Buckle Diamonda Sleeping Mermaid for testing.

It takes some time to adjust and get to know how it works, but we loved it in front carry. Baby K is 2 yo, 93 cm and 12.5 kg and I think she is little too big for this carrier, but we had to try it. It is hard to put baby on back with supermen toss method, but we made it, luckily K is cooperative and no longer in leaning mood. I don’t like hipscoot, so we haven’t try, but hope we will do that also while this carrier is still with us.
Don’t know what I did wrong, but in back carry all weight was on my shoulders and felt like onbuhimo, as I said it really is hard to adjust when all straps are in the back under baby’s butt 🙈
In front carry with straps crossed, weight really arrange nicely and is comfy for longer walks.
As you can see, it is filled with sleepdust, transfer is not so complicated if your kid is heavysleeper, but also hard to reach and unlock buckle under baby’s bum.

We would love the chance to get to know this carrier better, and sure loved the experience of trying something new and different of what we used to wear. Thank you one more time 💜

#lenineputujucenosiljke #lenastravelingcarriers #isaraquick

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