Lolly Wovens Unicorn Pink Noar

Natalija Nenadic, Serbia

So trendy and a must have! Each of us needs to quickly get ready with the baby and go. Ring sling definitely makes it possible. It is very easy to get used to adjusting the baby. #Lollywovens material is fantastic with exquisite and beautiful glitter additions. With two completely different colors, which gives a special convenience. When I opened the package, both the baby and I were excited about the pattern. We went on long walks of 2-3 hours. The baby is 7 months old, 63 cm, 7 kg and 500 gr. Very comfortable and soft cotton. Very pleasant, but also firm, which makes it very comfortable to wear. Thank you Lena’s traveling carriers and Lolly Wovens for the opportunity to meet this beauty ❣️

Tamara Miskeljin, Serbia

My mother said to me – it’s a pity that you can’t keep this wrap for longer time, it suits you so well! 💗 Let’s just say this RS was a really nice surprise, light, soft, holded pretty well having in mind that this boy has almost 12kg… The sparkling thread is not itchy at all, and gives such a glam touch.
As a relatively short person, I also liked that it wasn’t too long. So thanks Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Lolly Wovens for this unicorn delight🦄

Milijana Matic Babic, Serbia

Lolly wovens
Unicorn pink noir rs
80%coton 20% rexor

Thanks to LPN and Lolly, we had a chance to try out this beautiful ring sling. My baby girl and I had a great time while testing it.
Very moldable, shiny, gentle and soft, but strong enough to carry both big kids, just as easy as little ones. Girl is weighting 9kg, really didn’t feel it while carrying. Once again, thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity.

Milica Nešić, Serbia

Thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers I had a chance to try Lolly Unicorn Pink Noir Ring Sling made of 80% cotton and 20% rexor. I wore a 2 mounths old (around 5600 g) and a 3 years old (around 15 kg) girls. It was very easy to set up and it stayed in place even with the heavier child. I loved the mix of colours and the way it shines. I am so happy and thankfull for having this opportunity. 🖤🩷



Marija Jovanović, Serbia

This carrier is gorgeous. It’s our first ring sling and I was really determined that we wear it, but I just couldn’t adjust it properly. We just couldn’t click, and it looks so simple when I look at other moms carrying in a RS.The color is magical, the sparkling threads simply invite you to take them out for a walk and be noticed. The material is ideal – soft, thin, firm and does not slip. The baby loves to be carried and does not protest no matter how I adjust it. Thank you Lena’s traveling carriers, I couldn’t wait to try them this beauty.

Milivojevic Beszedes Viktorija, Serbia

This was the first rings slings we tried so far. At first sight, the pattern and colors are very cute and girly, my little girl loved the colors too. The material is soft and thick, perfect for cold, autumn and winter days. It has large rings, which makes it easy to put on and take off. My little girl is 7.5 kg, it was easy to carry, the material did not cut my shoulders. I recommend this rings sling to everyone 🥰

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