Ninna Carriers, Pantera Dry Cherry Go Grow

Ninna Carriers, Pantera Dry Cherry
80% cotton/20% rexor

Natalija Nenadic, Serbia

It’s hard to describe how delighted I was with the material this Ninna Carriers baby carrier is made of. The design is fantastic, but so is the woven wrap, from which the whole thing is made. I am personally a fan of woven wrap carriers. In the first place, because in my opinion, the baby is always better adjusted in this type of weaving. The baby is 7 months old, 63 cm long and weighs 7 kg and 500 g. It is a very lively baby, but this fantastic weaving made it easy for us to set up. After the first adjustment of the carrier, every subsequent time it was a real pleasure to adjust it. Easy, fast and very comfortable I think these words describe the carrier very well. The carrier itself is really light and the fantastic weaving provides stability and instills security. Thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers for helping us get to know the wonderful Ninna Carriers baby carrier.

Milica Nedeljković, Serbia

I wanna thank Lena’s traveling carriers and Ninna Carriers for opportunity to test this carrier. Baby is 10 months old and weights 13kg. It would be an understatement to just say I’m delighted with this carrier. It’s really comfortable and easy to adjust. Pattern is beautiful. Carrier is a little thicker so it’s awesome for forthcoming cold period. We both enjoyed this carrier, me and my baby as well.

Milijana Matic Babic, Serbia

Nina carriers
Pantera Dry Cherry midi size

Thanks to LPN and Ninna carriers, we had a great time while testing one more Ninna carrier. I am a big fan, I just love them. I love the wide and firm waist belt, it suits me perfectly, and the shoulder straps are great and so nicely soft and stuffed. Baby enjoyed, as much as I did and my tolder.

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