Ninna Carriers Go Grow Carrier

Maja Živković, Serbia

Thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers and Ninna Carriers I’ve had opportunity to test this black beauty🤩. Very comfortable, easy fit and adjust carrier and belt is strong but soft. My baby was immediatey fall asleep when I put her in carrier and we both enjoing the experience. She is 16 months old and 10kg weight. ❤️❤️❤️
#ninnacarriers #testinginserbia

Vasiljević Katarina, Serbia

Thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) Lena’s traveling carriers and Ninna Carriers Ninna Carriers we had opportunity to test this carrier. Baby is almost six months old and she has 7.5 kilos. It was very easy for us to ajust the carrier. I like the belt is wide and the other belts and straps are very soft and comfortable. I like the design and at first I liked that it has a pocket on the belt, but it is imposible to use it when baby is in the carrier so it is Just beautiful for me. I like the material it’s made of, very suitable for winter and soft to the touch. For some reason the baby had a redness on her cheek touching the carrier but that calmed down the next day
I’d recommend this carrier to bigger babies and in colder weather.
#testinginserbia #ltctester #ninnacarriers #lenastravelingcarriers

Lovorka Cvetković, Serbia

#testingserbia We had an opportunity to test this lovely Ninna Carriers Go Grow Standard size carrier. My baby is 9kilograms and she is 15months old, 80cm height. First impression was that this carrier is very adjustable and has pleasant material. Older son wanted me to carry him, we tried and it was good for him too. He is 3years old, has 15kilos and 100cm height. Go grow is suitable for your baby to grow and to be carried long time for sure. It’s interesting that has so many phases and belts to adjust. We tested it for long walks and I hadn’t pain in my back, and I am around 55kilos. I would recommend this carrier to all parents and their babies from 7kg. Material is very soft and warm, ideal for cold weather for sure. Thank you #lenastravelingcarriers we had a great time testing this beauty.
#ninnacarriers print and colors are great

Maja Brasic, Serbia

#testingserbia Thanks to #lenastraveligcarriers I got a chance to try Ninna Carriers
the carries is really comfortable and beautiful. It is easy to fit, all buckles are secured, the material is lovely and soft, we enjoyed wearing it. #ninnacarriers ❤

Katarina Vasić, Serbia

Thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers #ninacarriers who give me a chance to test this beautiful carrier. It’s very comfortable and soft ,easy to set up,and my baby and i enjoyed.She is 8 months and 8kg weight.

Vesna Obradovic, Serbia

Ninna is such a beautifully designed carrier, a true beauty, first of all. Besides that, it is so easy to set up, it held my girl like she’s not 15kg in weight. I loved the comfort, so did my oldest, while carrying his little sister. We really enjoyed it as much as we could. I warmly recommend it, since is so highly adjustable type of the carrier, and it’s really an enjoyment to wear it. I’m grateful, from all my heart, Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Ninna Carriers 👌🖤

Aleksandra Milanović, Serbia

Thanks to @lenine putujuce nosiljke I had a chance to try Ninna Go Grow carrier. I am verry happy that I could test it. Baby has 8 months and she has about 9kg. Carrier is very soft and comfortable. It has beautifull patern and I like that it is adjustable to all sizes. We enjoyed it very much.#lenastravelingcarriers

Violeta Urošević, Serbia

Thanks to the Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Ninna Carriers my son and I had a chance to try Ninna Go Grow carrier. My son is 26 months old and weighs around 12kg. We had experience with Ninna hybrid carrier so I was expecting wonderful soft material and it didn’t dissapoint my expectations. Material is very soft and design is very interesting and beautiful, reminds me of Disney fairytales. Belt and straps are padded and comfortable. It has a lot of adjustments so you can personalize it perfectly for your build. It was a bit annoying for me, setting up the straps underneath my arms for the first time, because of the adjustment in ways both up and down, but once you set it up, the only thing left is to enjoy wearing it. We enjoyed it and I reminded myself how little he was when I frontcarried him the last time.🥰 The hugs while frontcarrying are the best.🥰 This will be perfect carrier for someone who will use it for a longer period so both baby and carrier would grow together and make wonderful memories.🥰 Thank you Lena’s traveling carriers and Ninna carriers. ❤️

#testinginserbia #lenastravelingcarriers #ninnacarriers

Gordana Rikalo, Serbia

Thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers and Ninna Carriers I’ve had opportunity to test this black beauty🤩. Very comfortable, easy fit and adjust carrier and belt is strong but soft. My baby was immediatey fall asleep when I put her in carrier and we both enjoing the experience. She is 19 months old and 14kg weight. ❤️❤️❤️
#ninnacarriers #testinginserbia

Ivana Saric, Serbia

Thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers and #ninnacarriers, we were able to test Ninna Go Grow, Standard size with a 10-month old baby weighing 10kg.
I was, moderately speaking, astonished. It is a beautiful, soft, cushy carrier. The shoulder straps and the belt are a bit on the thick side. I also really liked that the belt is wider than what I tried so far. It covered my belly perfectly.🙈
The buckles seemed quite robust, as the entire carrier was actually, quite firm, strong. When I would put the baby in it, it would simply be so nicely tucked in. It was like molded for my baby, fitting possible in all directions.
The only thing that I didn’t like was the way of unbuckling the belt, the safety button. I can understand what it is there, but it is difficult to unbuckle with using one hand and left hand, that is. If this buckle type is necessary, I would prefer it on the right side being right-handed.

Gordana Petkovic, Serbia

Thanks to @Ienine putujuce nosiljke and @ninna Carriers we had a chance to try out this wonderful carrier. The tester is 18 months old and weighs about 10kg, mom is 161cm tall and weighs about 63kg, and dad is about 180cm and almost 100kg 😁
It is difficult to find the right words to describe this experience … The design delighted me at first sight, and the softness delighted the little tester. The carrier is easy to adjust, so baby boy enjoyed it on our back or in front … Dad is feeling a little awkward to carry it in front position because of the ball he ate (Dad has a stomach like a big ball), but that’s why they enjoyed carrying it on their backs .. Definitely a wonderful experience, a carrier that is adaptable to different carriers and it was hard to separate and send it right away 😢

Jelena Lazarevic, Serbia

This Ninna is a wonderful soft baby carrier, I am delighted with how comfortable it was for us. We carried it on our backs because the baby was 21 months old and about 15 kg at the time of testing.
As for the sara, it’s not my choice of colors, but that’s why it covers the softness of the material. The straps are wide enough.
all recommendations from us.
Thanks #Lenastravelingcarriers

Danica Blagojevic, Serbia

We had opportunity to test this amazing carrier (Ninna Go Grow, standard size) thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers). Baby has cca 9.5kg and 11 months and both of us really enjoyed walking, napping and cuddling. Carrier is sooo soft, so chic, one of my favourite after this testing. We recommend this type of carrier everyone 🤗

Tamara Miskeljin, Serbia

We had the opportunity to try this beautiful Ninna Go grow carrier, thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers and Ninna Carriers. The belt is wide, firm, and amazingly comfortable, with a handy little pocket on it (useful for front carrying only), the buckle is large, firm and stable, although on this particular carrier it was positioned more conveniently for left handed people😅
The straps are cushy, well padded and distribute the baby’s weight perfectly, can be worn in H or X shape, and I liked the fact they can be tightened on two sides. The panel is easily adjusted, both the width and the height, so it really grows with your baby👍
What I disliked a bit is the fact that the fabric is too sensitive, so it is easily damaged on places where buckles or straps are sewn on during adjusting, as well as pull prone… 🤷‍♀️
Thanks for this great experience!
#ninnacarriers #ninnagogrow #lenastravelingcarriers #LTCtester

Milica Mihic, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Ninna Carriers tester & chat NINNA CARRIERS BABYWEARING CHAT & BST I had opportunity to test Ninna Go Grow Black carrier standard size.
This carrier wasn’t very easy for me to use. I had trouble with adjusting seat for my baby and I couldn’t adjust the height of my baby when he was in front. After few tries it was better, but I still wasn’t completle in love with it. I love the design, tho. Also, I like it when carriers are adjustable, and this one can be adjusted in height and width, and also has PFA. I used it more for back carries and it was a peace of cake compared to front carries. I’m very satisfied with this carrier, but I think I didn’t know how to adjust it perfectly. My baby is 10kg and 12months.

Milica Dujakovic, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Ninna Carriers we had a chance to test go grow standard size carrier. The material is very soft and pleasant, best suitable for colder weather, but it was 25°C when we tried it and it was till ok. It has lots of adjustments so it took me a while to get everything right, but then I took a long 2 hour walk with a sleeping toddler(2,5y) of around 11kg and I really didn’t feel any discomfort at all. We also used it for back carrying and it was equally comfortable. The width and height of the panel can be adjusted and we were not in the maximum so I believe it can be used for a long time. The shoulder pads and the belt are soft and cushy enough, and I warmly recommend it for smaller babies and toddlers too, and for wearers of all physiques.
#ninnacarriers #testinginserbia

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