Ninna Carriers Go Grow Carrier

Maja Živković, Serbia

Thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers and Ninna Carriers I’ve had opportunity to test this black beauty🤩. Very comfortable, easy fit and adjust carrier and belt is strong but soft. My baby was immediatey fall asleep when I put her in carrier and we both enjoing the experience. She is 16 months old and 10kg weight. ❤️❤️❤️
#ninnacarriers #testinginserbia

Vasiljević Katarina, Serbia

Thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) Lena’s traveling carriers and Ninna Carriers Ninna Carriers we had opportunity to test this carrier. Baby is almost six months old and she has 7.5 kilos. It was very easy for us to ajust the carrier. I like the belt is wide and the other belts and straps are very soft and comfortable. I like the design and at first I liked that it has a pocket on the belt, but it is imposible to use it when baby is in the carrier so it is Just beautiful for me. I like the material it’s made of, very suitable for winter and soft to the touch. For some reason the baby had a redness on her cheek touching the carrier but that calmed down the next day
I’d recommend this carrier to bigger babies and in colder weather.
#testinginserbia #ltctester #ninnacarriers #lenastravelingcarriers

Lovorka Cvetković, Serbia

#testingserbia We had an opportunity to test this lovely Ninna Carriers Go Grow Standard size carrier. My baby is 9kilograms and she is 15months old, 80cm height. First impression was that this carrier is very adjustable and has pleasant material. Older son wanted me to carry him, we tried and it was good for him too. He is 3years old, has 15kilos and 100cm height. Go grow is suitable for your baby to grow and to be carried long time for sure. It’s interesting that has so many phases and belts to adjust. We tested it for long walks and I hadn’t pain in my back, and I am around 55kilos. I would recommend this carrier to all parents and their babies from 7kg. Material is very soft and warm, ideal for cold weather for sure. Thank you #lenastravelingcarriers we had a great time testing this beauty.
#ninnacarriers print and colors are great

Maja Brasic, Serbia

#testingserbia Thanks to #lenastraveligcarriers I got a chance to try Ninna Carriers
the carries is really comfortable and beautiful. It is easy to fit, all buckles are secured, the material is lovely and soft, we enjoyed wearing it. #ninnacarriers ❤

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