DracoMom Hatchling Carrier

DracoMom carriers Hatchling Carrier newborn adjustable carrier

Milijana Matic Babic, Serbia

Thanks Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers)   and DracoMom Carriers doo  i have opportunity  to test Dracomom Hatchling.Hatchiling is a beautiful carrier, such an elegant design, small and soft. It takes up so little space, very comfy to have with you at all times. Baby tester is 2 months old and about 3,5kg in weight, and we both enjoyed. The belt can be tightened both ways, which I really liked, and the shoulder straps are wide and soft, they are perfect for parents with big shoulders, like myself.  I recommend this carrier for all the expectant parents, it will be so useful when the baby comes, especially when the baby cramps and colic starts. Baby is enjoying, the belly is warmed up, and the mom or dad has their arms free, to do whatever is needed around the house, or for oneself.

Vesna Obradovic, Serbia

My baby has arrived, and soon after, there is something new in Dracomom workshop. A new, small, light, beautiful carrier for babywearing from day 1. We just couldn’t skip it, and it was a surprise how soft and cozy and easy to use and everything nice it is. Baby Dante is 3,5 months old and about 6kg. So, if you ask me, all the moms to be should get themselves one Hatchling, it’s a must have. Truly thankful, Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers)  and DracoMom Carriers doo 💖😍👌🖤

Milica Ubović Žnidarec, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and DracoMom Carriers doo  i had a chance to try DracoMom Hatchling baby size, our first carrier in babycarriers world. It is made of beautiful,soft and elastic cotton, light and compfortable, but babies did not want to stay in it more than 10 minutes (sometimes not even that much). Babies 5 months and 2 weeks old, boy 7500g, girl 6000g

Milica Đoković, Serbia

Thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers and #dracomomcarriers I had opportunity to try this lovely Dracomom Hatchling carrier. It is soft, it is small and easy to use. For me it was very comfortable for wearing, my back didn’t hurt at all, but for some reason my baby didn’t want to stay in it more than 15 minutes. Baby is one month old and cca 4 kg. I am sad the baby didn’t like it because, in my opinion, this carrier is perfect for small babies (soft, light, comfortable…).

Angelina Đorđić, Serbia

This DracoMom carrier is amazing! So comfortable, easy to use and set up of course. Material is nice, and quality of the plastic are amazing ended. My baby is big (almost four months and 7.5 kilos) but we are enjoyed. This carrier is definitely good for small babys and long walks. Breastfeeding is also easy in this carrier. I loved the cross strap.

Than you Lena’s traveling carriers and DracoMom Carriers doo for this opportunity!

Sanja Ružić, Serbia

My baby (6 months old and 8 kilos) and I enjoyed carrying this comfortable Dracomom hatchling carrier. This carrier is our first and we like it! It is very soft and elastic. And I loooved the cross strap!! Thank you #lenastravelingcarriers and #dracomomcarriers for opportunity to try this amazing product!

Lilla Acsai, Serbia

My little boy is almost 6 month old and 8 kilos. This DracoMom carrier was our first testing and the best choice! Usually during the day I am alone with him, so I can carry him everywhere with me. It is very comfy, soft and easily adjustable.
Than you Lena’s traveling carriers and DracoMom Carriers doo for this opportunity!

Grozdana Blagojevic, Serbia

Great experience with DracoMom Carriers Hatchling Baby size. So soft and easy to install. Really for every recommendation. My baby is 9 months old and cca 8kg. Mom enjoyed the walk with her baby and his brother, and the baby enjoyed sleeping near mom. Many thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and DracoMom Carriers doo for allowing us to test this wonder.

Kuburic Jeca, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and DracoMom Carriers Chatter & BST I have opportunity to test DracoMom Hatchling.
Hatchling is a very comfort and soft carrier. Baby tester is 2 months old and about 5kg in weight. Until we got a chance to try this carrier, we rented other carrier (DracoMom Eternal). Unfortunatelly, after a positive experience with DM Eternal, baby did not want to stay in Hatchling. Baby still does not hold the head on its own,and my opinion the panel is not deep enough in our case. I would recommend a carrier for smaller babies or for babies holding their head on their own.In any case this is a remarkable opportunity for any parent who wants to keep their baby with them. #lenastravelingcarriers

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