Kenhuru Olive Rocco

GSM: 320

Leja Stojiljković Mitrović, Serbia

Kenhuru slings Olive rocco is one of the most beautiful wraps that I tried. It came to me in loom state from the manufacturer. The package was very nice and it looks “posh”, they thought about every detail. The wrap was soft and cushy, with slightly feeling of itchiness. After first wash, itchiness disappeared . The combination of colors is amazing, the wrap has some glow. Olive rocco is moldable from the start, absolutely no need for breaking. The blend of merino wool and cotton is perfect. It feels soft and silky when you touch it, but the grip is very good. My baby tester is one year old, small, but very strong seat popper, the wrap holds her very well. Shortely, I would recommend this wrap to everyone.
I am very thankful to Kenhuru Sling and Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) for this amazing test tour. #kenhuruslings #lenastravelingcarriers #ltctester

Ana Bojcevska Mitrevska, Macedonia

Kenhuru olive rocco was the first wrap I ever tried! Even though at first I was sceptical about the simplicity of the wrapping technique, it was easier to handle than expected. It was also quite soft on touch. My daughter, a 4m old baby, loved it! The colors on it were amazing and something I would definitely want to wear on a daily basis. However, it was a bit too thick to wrap for my abilities and it seemed like it would have been easier to wrap around me had it been a bit longer (being an L-wearing woman). I will recommend it to slightly more experienced wearers and I might even get back to it myself once I get the gist of babywearing 🙂
#lenastravelingcarriers #kenhuruslings #LTCtester

Nina Jevtic, Serbia

Thanks to LPN I had the opportunity to try Kenhiru Olive rocco 6. My tester is 10 months and 8kg. Soft and wonderful to wrap, it is for all – from baby to toddler. Perfect middle thicknes in hand and very comfortable on the shoulders. For Wool lover this wrap will be great choose!

Jovana Lazovic, Serbia

Thanks to Lena’s traveling carierrs i tested Kenhuru olive rocco woven wrap. I tought that it will be harder to set up because i only tried ring sling before. Afer a few tries it was perfect for me and baby love it. Colors are so vibrant and material is soft and comfy. Knot is thicker because wrap is thick itself. It’ not sumer wrap but it is for colder weather. I definitely recomend this wrap. It’s good for backs and wery soft in general.At time of testing my baby was 4 mounths old and 6.5 kg.

Jovana Tešović, Serbia

Thenks to Lenas traveling carriers and Kenhuru I had an opportunity to try this gorgeous wrap. Wrap is very soft and moldable. I liked it very much. I love the combination of wool and combed cotton. Colors are also pretty, and thay looks beautiful on both sides! Baby liked the wrap, too… he is 11 months old and have 9kg!

Milica Dujakovic, Serbia

Kenhuru Olive rocco size 6
Very soft and cushy, beautiful colours and pattern. Supportive but glidey enough, nice grip, warm, not the tiny bit itchy, the blend is perfect. Moldable and doesn’t need breaking in. Great for young babies and toddlers too. I totally recommend this wrap to everyone. The baby tester is 20m old, around 10kg and 82cm tall, so on the petite side, but very strong and leg straightener and leaner when fussy.
I am very thankful to Kenhuru Sling and Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) for this amazing test tour. #lenastravelingcarriers #kenhuruslings #ltctester

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