Lolly Wovens Sushi Monochrome

Lolly Wovens Sushi Monochrome, 40% modal and 60% combed cotton, 270gsm

Martina Nobosenko, Croatia

I had the opportunity to test two Lolly wraps at the same time, Butterfly Spicy Evening (size 6, 60% cotton, 40% bamboo, 270gsm) and Sushi Monochrome (size 6, 60% combed cotton. 40% modal, 270gsm). I liked those butterflies a little more than sushi because it has more texture, I had a feeling it was easier for me to set it up than sushi. It even seemed to me that the sushi was a much longer size 6, although they should be the same length. Sushi is closer to me because of the colours and it is really an extremely soft scarf, but I have to be honest and say that I still preferred to reach for butterflies… Both wraps are really soft and gentle, easy to wrap… Maybe not so good choice for hot summer days, but still very very nice wraps with a handful sleeping dust..:) #lollywovenstester, #lollywovensincroatia #testerinosiljkihrvatska

Maja Ivankovic Polak, Croatia

We had the pleasure of testing 🍣 sushi monochrome in size 6 (cotton-modal). I really didn’t know what to expect from the wrap as I have never tried a wrap containing modal, but it was a pretty rewarding experience. The wrap is on the thinner side, easily wrappable, yet strong, sturdy and supportive. It is also comfortable and doesn’t cut into shoulders or anything like that. Also, it’s good to bear in mind that this six is actually a seven, over 5m long (this is always a plus in my book) 😄 people who like monochromatic wraps would definitely enjoy this all-rounder!

Ivana Soic, Croatia

Thanks to the Mirta Zlošilo I had opportunity to try Sushi Monochrome size 6, 40%modal, 60%cotton. This was my first wrap with modal, and I was amazed how thin and soft was. Also, it’s just enough grippy to stay in place when wrapping and super supportive! I like it really much even though the design is not my style.

#lollywovenstester, #lollywovensincroatia

Anja Ivosevic, Croatia

#lollywovenstester #lollywovensincroatia #testerinosiljkihrvatska

Thanks and Mirta Zlošilo
me and my baby got to enjoy this wonderful Lolly Wovens Monochrome Sushi 60% cotton, 40% modal for a few days.
The wrap is really thin but holds the baby perfectly and feels comfortable. I liked the unusual design and the fact that it does not stand out.
This wrap could easily suit anyone, it’s pretty easy to wrap for a beginner and can hold a newborn and a toddler.

Ivana Tominac, Croatia

Thanks, I had the opportunity to test two Sushi Monochrome (size 6, 60% combed cotton. 40 modal. Wrap is really soft and gentle, easy to wrap it, and enough thin for newborn. The pattern isn’t really my first choice, but once it is wraped, it looks nice. Wrap by itself is great 😄


Ivana Selak, Croatia

#lollywovenstester #lollywovensincroatia

I had a chance to try this super fun and soft wrap – Monochrome Sushi 60% cotton, 40% modal. This is a thin but strong wrap. I tried it with my 1 year old kid in fwcc and dh. It held perfectly. Grip and glide ratio are really good, easy to toghten but not slipery. I would recomend this wrap to a beginner in wraping but the expwrienced mamas will love it too.
Thank you for this oportunity Testeri nosiljki Hrvatska, Mirta Zlošilo and Lolly woven.

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