Fidella Fly Tai MosaicToddler

Fidella Fly Tai Mosaic

Nidzicine Dzidzabidzice, Serbia

Tnx to this beautiful group we have a chance to try fidella fly tai. First of all, I am not that capable for wrapping, and prior to this carrier we’ve used one with buckles and hard belt, and before that ring sling (just tried woven wrap couple of times). So my first impression was that fly tai has a lot of fabric, and as I assumed it was hard for me to use it outside without getting it dirty (it’s unusually rainy these days). It is easier for wrapping than woven wrap, but more complicated than buckles. Soft belt, at least for me was not as supportive as I thought it would be, my kid is over a year old and he is very active so a couple of times belt went up and that loosened straps (either that or I overrated my waist 😉 and even so he was comfortable, but my shoulders were crying after 15 minutes :/ when adjusted right, weight was well spread my kid has 12kg. Great thing about this fly tai is that it is very soft, and my kid falls asleep very fast in it, so for us it is great for inside 🙂 practice makes perfect so I hope that I’ll get better and faster at wrapping and we can have more outside adventures in future 😉

Irena Kovačević Krojitorovic, Serbia

Many thanks to this group. For me and my Baby this is wonderfull experience. Considering Freeda, on the begining we needed lot of time to learn how to wrapp and tie. Baby is really enjoy in her Freeda because is maded from very quality and soft material builded. But, for longer walks, Baby is going down and ita starts to be very heavy for my back. I am not sure if reason is my big breasts or something else. In any case for short walking and doing my buisines in town, I am very grateful to have it.

Ljiljana Cerovic, Serbia

Thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers I had a chance to try this incredible carrier from . It’s amazing how comfortable it is. Wide, long and soft straps give great support on my shoulders and although I’m 9 months pregnant, it is still comfy to wear a 2 year old toddler at least for some time. I was pleasantly surprised it wasn’t hard to getting used to putting it on and off. Surely much easier than wrapping a wrap in my experience. Only thing that bothered me was tying it on the street, when I barely made it not to wipe the ground with the straps. All in all, it would be great to have it in my stash. It would literally be the only carrier I need. Thanks .

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