Joy and Joe baby Benevolence allure woven sling

Joy and Joe baby Benevolence allure woven sling, 100% cotton

Anita Begovic Kuveljic, Serbia

Design of this wrap is perfection, blended colors and details, wrap is phenomenal for summer, a pleasant material. It tightens nicely, it is strong, it can hold weight a long time. It’s a little longer for us because I’m skinny, but we managed. It needs a little more breaking to make it easier moldable. We enjoyed it. Thanks for this opportunity #lenastravelingcarriers # joyandjoeltc ❤️

Dragana Gajic, Serbia

Thanks to LTC and Joyandjoe I had an opportunity to test BA wrap in size 7. Wrap is nice and colourful, suitable for mums of both genders. It is great for toddlers because it carries them easily. It needs to be broken in more but I expect that after breaking it, it will be suitable for little babies too. It is easycare wrap that can be used for while babywearing period.
#checkinlpn #Joyandjoeltc

Nina Bukvić, Serbia

We recently had the pleasure of testing Joy and Joe’s woven wrap, Benevolence allure.
At the time of testing, the baby was just over a month old and about 6kg. By the way, we are the first testers of this wrap and I was afraid that I would not be able to wrap the newborn baby, because the wrap looked firm and stiff. But I was pleasantly surprised. I wraped it much easier and faster than some wraps that were broken and much softer than this one.
We tried FWCC and FCC and it held up perfectly. Since I tried it with a small baby, I can only assume and believe that it would hold perfect and bigger babies and toddlers. I hope it will come to us again when we get little bigger, so we can confirm this.
By the way, I love cotton wraps the most and this one is like that, easy care, 100% cotton, some medium weight and beautiful, bright colors.
I would definitely recommend it to parents who are new to the world of babywearing because it was really perfect for us.
I must also say that I only recently found out about this brand, but they became especially dear to me when I read on their blog a text written by Bisi, mother, wife and founder of the brand, entitled “When George Floyd cried out for mom”. Of course, I will not retell it here, I just hope that this brand, this wonderful mother and her family will have many more successful years and that they will make many more babies happy with their beautiful products.
Once again, thank you Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Joy and Joe baby for this oportunity!
#joyandjoe #ltctesting

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