Soul Standard Carrier Rainbow Maze

Soul Standard Carrier Rainbow Maze

Marija Kicošević, Serbia

We had a chance to use Soul Standrad Carrier Rainbow Maze and we loved it. The baby is a 11 months old who is 11 kg. It was very easy to use it, the material is very soft and the colorful design is perfect. It was very comfortable for the baby and the mommy. Thanks to #lenastravellingcarriers

Dragica Marinković, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps) we got the opportunity to enjoy the Soul Standard carrier.At the moment of testing the baby is 12 months, around 9 kg, and mom is in six months pregnant. Carrier is soft and comfortable as a wrap. Ajusting carrier was very easy, and I didn’t feel his weight on my shoulders or back. Strap on the stomach is very comfortable and don’t bother me at oll. The colors of the rain are beautiful and all family members wants to carry a baby in this carrier.This comfortable beauty makes our days happier.

Sladjana Jandric, Serbia

Thanks to Lena’s passenger carriers, we were given the opportunity to enjoy Soul Standard. At the time of testing, the girl was 8 months old, about 11kg. Each carrying is a complete sleep and the baby and mom have endlessly enjoyed this carrier which is comfortable for both.
# lenastravelingcarriers

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