How Oscha Slings helped one dream to come true

I will start this journey with introduction blog and keep follow the story trough several seperate posts.

It all began with some amazing photos of bride babywearing her kid trough wedding.

Dalton IG picture

Everyone was breath taken of amazing photos and Oscha wrap and beautiful pictures. And one mum said a bit shy that she would love to carry her daughter in wrap trough her wedding which was planned this summer.

And me being me, I had to ask what is a dream wrap?

And she said Oscha Middle Earth Compas Wrap. We all new her favorite colour is yellow so it have not been a big surprise of a choice. But then my search begins.

Oscha Sling Middle Earth Compas Wrap

Imidditely I have checked a website is there are any wraps available and prices. But price was a bit high for our group to afford to buy as we are renting everything free so our limits and budget is low. So I was hoping that someone in Oscha HQ will read my email and understand how big this wish is. At least I had to try.

I wrote and explain the whole situation and ask if there is any chance, I mean any chance they will join us in this quest to make one mum really happy.

Surprisingly soon after I got replay from dear Kimberley from Oscha that they will happy to join. I was over the moon and all admins are now jumping back and forward from happiness and trying to figure the best way to present her a gift.

And package arrived and then Corona virus paralized whole country so all are ides now went to drain and we could not keep longer as a secret we needed to do something about it.

So we planned live call from all admins which required to be a creative and then plot with her husband to recored her once when we reveal true reason of gathering and make sure she watches and he is taking care of a kid.

Screen Capture from Live Video

And then we show the package and we could read all the comments which was pure happiness as they keep coming and many realized what is going on… we started crying a bit and it went clamzy and emotional and breaking to the core of our group which is love and support.

Kimberly packed 2 golden rings to match for finishes
Screenshot from Live video revealed wrap

Emotions went trough the roof not only from a mum who is a gift ment but also all of members shared this beautiful moment.

When we asked later her husband for video he apologies and said she was crying so much and yelling Oscha that he got scared what is going on and forgot to record as he can’t stand see her crying. Even we explained him before he was still cought up with surprise so we did not get that recording but we got testemonial 🙂

Now we are waiting for reviews and wedding to take place and share again some amazing photos with you to complete this story.

There is no words to express our love and gratitude to Oscha and Kimberley if she has a chance to read this for making one dream come true. This is what babywearing should be about, about opportunity to make us all closer to each other and share this speciale moments and that is possible if you find several amazing people on your side to share the same dream.

Thank you once more for Amazing opportunity and keep babywearing with soul.

I will keep you update with this story and some wedding pictures once it happen and hope you are enjoying in sharing love as much as we do. Please leave a comment under this post to show love and appreciation for this kind gesture.


  1. What an amazing story 😍 and so many amazing BW mamas all around the world ❤ I’m literally crying 🙊


  2. It is amazing how babywearing connects and how much love you all shared and it is triggered with one act of kindness and just kept growing.


  3. Everyone of you is so amazing! This story made my day ❤️ World is better place with you ladies 😊 I can’t wait to see the pictures of the wedding.


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