Storchenwiege baby carrier Aqua

0-3 years

Selena Dragojevic Gajic, Serbia

Thanx to #lenastravelingcarriers we have this opportunity to carry in this amazing carrier. Our baby is 8,5 kg and we take long walks in general bow due to current pandemic we dont walk much,but still,its in use at home. He loves it and falls asleeap instantly,front carry-back carry,nevermind. Im hands free when i need to be.I was looking for something comfortable that will not be hard to use,that will be good for long walks,that i can use when i train,and this carrier is good for all of that. And it looks great. Only thing is,I might need it just a little bit tighter around my waist,im really thin,and i cant get the buckle as tight as i would wish.

Barbara Sudarevic, Serbia

Thanks to Storchenwiege and Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) we also had opportunity to injoy in this carrier. It is very easy to put baby in and out. My baby loved very much to get asleep every time.

Ana Milovanović, Serbia

This carrier was so easy to use. I only missed wider shoulder straps, because every time after a while my shoulder stardet to hurt. Color was nice, and it was very easy to adjust panel to fit my 6 month baby thaht weighted 10,5 kilos.

Zorana Markovic, Serbia

thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps) and Storchenwiege, I had the opportunity to try baby carrier AQUA, with my 6month old and 10kg heavy daughter. Color is very neutral and mild, material is so soft and gentle, and pleasant even if the weather is hot. The carrier is very easy, fast and practical for adjustment, perfect lenght of back straps but for longer walks, my daughter was slipping a little bit, so i would say that it is perfect for smaller babies. Neverthless, we were using it very gladly during all period of testing and my baby didn’t mind that and fell asleep almost every time 😊 I love this tiny buckles for the hood as well, so sweet and easy to click. You can use it over head if windy and rolled behind the neck as additional support. Even if carriers with firmer waist straps would be better for us now, we loved carring in it and if i had discovered this few months earlier, it would deffinately be our first choice.

Darija Maho, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps) and Storchebwiege we had the opportunity to test Storchenwiege baby carrier Aqua. When testing, the baby was 6,5 months old and had around 8kg. The first thing I noticed is that the material is very soft and light. The carrier came with a detailed instruction for use, which was great is this is the first half buckle I had the opportunity to try. What I really liked is that the panel is adjustable, which makes it more comfortable for the baby, and the straps are crossed and therefore I didn’t feel the baby’s weight at all. The great comfort of the shoulder straps is a big plus of this carries. I only tried the front carrying.. What I had issues with is the waistband as it looks thin and I had the feeling I cannot narrow it enough, as it felt a bit loose, however this could be due to me not adjusting it correctly. When all things are taken into account, I would definitely recommend this carrier, and would consider buying it myself.
Thanks again #lenastravelingcarriers and #storchenweige

Nina Dakovic, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps) and Storchenwiege we had an opportunity to try the Storchenwiege baby carrier Aqua. At the moment of testing the baby is 7 months and around 9kg. This is the first half buckle carrier I’ve tried. Its material is soft, light and nice and it is easy to put a baby inside. When it arrived I was very sceptical because the waistband is very thin but it is extremely comfortable as well. Shoulderstraps are crossed which I prefer comparing to a paralel ones. The width of the panel is adjustable by straps which is easy but I had a feelng that pulling those straps affects the width of the waistband itself. I had to narrow the waistband on the maximum and it still wasn’t enough, it was too loose. Then I adjusted the width of the panel to fit my baby and by doing this the width of the waistband changed to be the right size. I’m wondering what would have happened if my baby would have been bigger and if I would have had to adjust the panel to be weider to fit her…in that case the waistband would have been too big for me… or I haven’t done the adjustement in the right way. Also, I had a problem with shoulderstraps. Though I didn’t feel baby’s weight on my hips and my back I did feel it on my shoulders a lot, while carrying her both in front or in back and it was pretty painful. I kept reading reviews of others and didn’t see that anyone had a similar problem so there is a big possibility that I did something wrong while putting on the carrier :/ 😀 if it wasn’t to that issue the carrier would be just fine for me
Anyway, thanks once again for trying it 🙂

Anita Marković, Serbia

Half buckle carrier that has interesting adjustment for width of the panel, with straps. That is also tricky because it’s hard to adjust both sides to be equal. The material is fine and soft and holds strong my baby that will be 8 months in a couple of days and has around 8 kg. The knot holds tight and it was comfortable to carry in this carrier.
#lenastravellingcarriers #storchenwiege #storchenwiegetester

Marijana Mojsilovic, Serbia

We had short, but sweet experience with Storchenwiege baby carrier Aqua, which passed all tests 👌. It is soft, cushy carrier, very easy to use. Also, it’s very adjustable, so I think that’s great choice for beginners in carrying. At the moment of testing baby is 8 months old and about 8 kg weight. I didn’t feel baby’s weight at all during walks. Thanks Lena’s travelling carriers and wraps for the opportunity to try this perfect carrier 💕

Jasmina Marinković, Serbia

We also had the opportunity to test Storchenwiege baby carrier and it is a lovely carrier. At first appearance the carrier is beautiful and lightweight. Baby is 4,5 monts and 8kg and It was very comfortable to wear thanks to the padded shoulder straps and waistband which is also padded and adjustable. It is soft and thin and we enjoyed it thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps) 💙.
#lenastravellingcarriers #storchenwiege

Aleksandra Ilic, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujeće nosiljke i marame ( Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps), we had the opportunity to test Storchenwiege baby carrier Aqua. My baby is 14 months old, and about 12kg. Aqua is made of soft material that adapts nicely to the baby. It is half buckle carrier, whit adjustable panel.
For me, setting up the width of panel was easy with the straps. What I would point out is the great comfort of the shoulder straps. They are crossed, which suits me and I did not feel the weight of the baby while I was babywearing. A very comfortable carrier, I would recommend it from the beginning of babywearing. We’re happy to have a chance and opportunity to try it. Thank you 💙 #lenastravellingcarriers #storchenwiege

Ivana Ilić, Serbia

To tell the truth at first look (through the screen on phone 😀) this carrier did not promise me much… But I was so, so wrong. The carrier material is soft, very flexible and yet strong enough to hold the baby of 7.5 months and about 8kg. Panel is very easy to adjust and the shoulder straps are sufficiently soft and firm so I did not feel the baby weight. The first tried half buckle was real surprise to me. Thank U #lenastravellingcarriers #storchenwiege

Sanja Felbapov Stefanović, Serbia

We had the opportunity to enjoy the testing Stochenwiege carrier. It is very beautiful, light and the material is pleasant. Through the lower part of the panel we measured the required width of the carrier, and by simply tightening the belt we adjusted and fixed the width, and the enjoyment could begin. The shoulder straps are very comfortable and slim, long enough. For me it is extremely pleasant and easy to carry a baby who at the moment of testing has about 7kg and 6 months. His relaxed sleep tells how comfortable he is. A big thank to #lenastravellingcarriera and #storchenwiege

Miljana Šabli, Serbia

Thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps, we had the opportunity to test Storchenwiege baby carrier Aqua. 💙💙 My baby boy is 15 months old, and about 10.5kg. 😁 It is made of soft material that adapts great to the baby. Aqua is half buckle carrier, with adjustable panel, with such a tiny belt and it was perfect to me. 😉 Setting up the width of panel was easy with the straps. 😊 The great comfort are the shoulder straps, they are crossed on the back and it suits me because I did not feel the baby’s weight. 😉 A very comfortable carrier, we have a great time with it. We were happy to have a chance and opportunity to try it. ❤️
Thank you a lot 💙 #lenastravellingcarriers #storchenwiege 💜

Tijana Prokić, Serbia

This is a very good carrier. Babies’ feet and hips are in the right position and you do not have to be an expert to install it properly. It’s very easy to fit. We enjoyed while we were wearing and sleeping in it. For this reason, we really liked a hood that properly holds the baby’s head while sleeping.
Shoulders may be a little more comfortable, but this does not change the impression of the storchenwiege carrier.
We really liked this carrier and we are happy that we had the opportunity to try it.

Vesna Djinovic, Serbia

We had the opportunity to test Stochenwiege carrier. It is sky blue beauty .It was realy simply to put a baby in it. The shoulder straps are very comfortable.Baby is 16mounts old and about14kg. I would recomand this comfortable beauty .Thank you #lenastravellingcarriera and #storchenwiege 💙💙💙💙

Biljana Elek, Serbia

This is the first time we used halfbuckle carrier. It`s Storchenwiege Aqua. The carrier has arrived to us properly packed with its original bag and instructions for use. At first sight, we instantly fell in love with it. It is one lightweight carrier made of soft cotton with a good diagonal stretch almost like woven wrap. The panel is very easily adjusted to the size of the baby, and stuffed straps on the shoulders carry the child’s weight very well. This is a great carrier that can cover the whole period of babywearing. I tried the carrier with a baby girl 4 months old and about 6 kg in weight . I have only two minor complaints. The first is related to safety, because the belt is missing on the safety rubber. The buckle is powerful with three points, but I prefer when there is an additional safety rubber. The other thing is aesthetic nature and refers to the buckles on the hood. I did not liked them. We were lucky that the weather conditions were good, so we used the carrier every day and really enjoyed it. Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps) and Storchenwiege who gave us the opportunity to enjoy the babywearing once again.
#lenastravellingcarriers #storchenwiege

Jelena Krsmanović Ardeljan, Serbia

We had a opportunity to test Stochenwiege carrier. I liked this carrier, because it soft, very easy to use. Baby in testing time had 10months and cca 10kg. I didn’t feel baby’s weight during carring. This carrier had very good sleeping dust, whenever I put baby in it he would fall asleep after few minutes of carring. Thank for this opportunity #lenastravellingcarrier and #storchenwiege ❤❤❤

Tamara Blagojević, Serbia

We had an opportunity to test STORCHENWIEGE BABY CARRIER AQUA. Baby girl is 15.5 months old, and ~10 kg. This was the first time for us to try a half buckle carrier, and putting it on was a piece of cake. Adjusting the panel was also very easy. I didn’t feel the weight at all, and really enjoyed wearing my girl.
Many thanks for this opportunity! 😍🧡

Sneguljica Jo, Serbia

Thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers my 18 months todler and i had the opportunity to test the Storchenwiege baby aqva carrier. The first thing that attracted me to the attention is the sky blue color of the carrier. It has been put on testing in a practical handbag with detailed instructions for use. This half backle is combination of clips and meitai. The belt is made excellent, soft but still stable. The shoulder straps are well filled and do not intersect. When i was carring i baby on the back, we had a bit of trouble because i couldn’t raise my baby high enough so i had the feeling of slipping down.The only fault is that the crossover belt isn’t intergrated with the carrier and doesn’t keep it stable because you need to install it separtely whill tightening the shoulder straps at the same time. The panel has possibility of extensio/shortenning. The extensio on the panel is good enough for mom to hide the suvenir from the pregnancy-stomach. 🤰🙈🤭During the wearing of the front we didn’t have any problems.In a moment of testing my baby has 13,5kg,size 92.
Once again thanks to #lenastravelingcarrier and #storchenwiege on opportunity to use this carrier 👩‍👦💖🙋‍♀️😻

Svetlana Živanović, Serbia

Thanks to @Lenine putujuće nosiljke we had an opportunity to test this carrier. The color is pretty and the fabric is really soft. Belt around the hips was uncomfortable for me, because I am skinny. My baby loved this carrier. He was sick at time of testing, so we tried only front carry. Because of the high security of the clip on the hip belt, for me was little harder to transfer my baby into the bed, when he sleeps.

Milica Ljubisavljević, Serbia

The #storchenweige carrier is beautiful, light, pleasant to touch, easy to manage… It can also be used during the summer. When I tied it as the manufacturer recommended, under baby’s legs, I had the feeling it was not safe for the baby. Therefore, I have been tying it over baby’s legs, it feels much safer that way.
My height is 165 cm and my weight is 52 kg – the carrier is a bit too wide for my constitution, so it can’t fit perfectly. As the baby gets bigger, the pannel gets wider, so the problem becomes more pronounced. Thanks #lenastravelingcarriers for opportunity to use this beautiful carrier.

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