Babywearing Story Tijana Nakicenovic

My name is Tijana. I am 28 years old .I have 2 kids – Boy and baby girl.

So this is how everything started. I am relatively new in this world of babywering. One of my good friends always wear a baby in Manduca so, one day when I was alone with my 2 angels in my hands I had 100 bags from supermarket, one baby in car and the other one I am carrying in my hands. I decided that I need one carrier asap.

I simply don’t have enought hands 😉 She gave me instructions for Lenastravelingcarriers group and gave me her Manduca to try.

First time when I put my younger girl in carrier that was the best day in my life, because my hands were free

Now I can carry evrything and I don’t need to go 100 times back and forward to car. I can do everything in house wearing my daughter and during time when baby sleep I can be with myself -time only for me 😉

At start I was getting lot of strange looks from people but today all of them know that babywearing is fantastic way to be close to the baby and in the same time I am free do evrything. Thanks Lenastravelingcarriers because you give me opportunity to join this world

World of fantastic parents .

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