Babywearing story Mirta Zlosilo

Hello, my name is Mirta and I’m 27. Mother of 2 little ones, daughter Maja age of 2yrs (around 14kg) and son Luka age of 1yrs (around 11kg).

Curently we live in small town next to Dubrovnik but I originally come from Osijek. Now I still don’t work since they just started to go into daycare but hope to soon.
Mostly I started my bw adventures due to have free hands for Maja. They are only 11mnths apart from birth to birth and it was quite heavy to handle them and all the household and chores that we could all be happy and satisfied. Something necessary happened to be great love.

He was (still is) quite needy baby and wanted to be around me all the time so carrying him around and not being able to feed her or have time for her made me crazy unitl I found babywearing. Started with Freda Babycarriers and then got our first wrap – bought on local DOND from our dear friend and my soulmom Rosa.

People here I’d say suffer from baby cart syndrome – expensier, the better. Same is with carriers – buying before informing so you get very expensive carrier used wrong. I’m glad that we have local group for all the questions and sometimes just chatting for fun to get your mind at ease. I have tried some brands like WW, Roar, Yaro, Luluna, Woven Clauds, Ergobaby, Tula, Freda but I have to say my number 1 is my Freda SSC for quick shopping or from car to daycare. And my Yaro wrap s6 that we use on daily basis.

Also had RS fron Roar that we really liked because it was so soft from the start. High place goes to WW – In the Deep – and I can say that I fell in love with that wrap.
Now I mostly do back carry due to their size – prefer DH as he is a bouncer and a leaner and seatpooper but for few days now regular Ruck is okay. Maja has really long legs and Luka is quite heavy for front carrying but as he is still breastfeeding I have to make something up (for those situations I use hip carry or ssc).
Sometimes I felt like I don’t have enough support especially at home but that changed, my husband sees all the benefits but still resists to try himself. And sometimes I felt lost inside all of the blends and brands – our group helped a lot and I’m really thankfull for that.

Best advice and something I’ve learned is to – Don’t mind the talks. Babywearing should be fun for both you and your child. Take benefit out of it as long as you can. Never give up. There are some hard times when baby doesn’t want to be carried but be persistant. Nothing feels better than having quality time for yourself and baby at the same time cause you should be happy at the same time.

They only need us close for so small period of time. Use babywearing for creating lots of amazing memories. And for sure it is more healthier to hear a heartbeat of your child than its crying.

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