Babywearing story Ana Frank Krstic

Well, it’s difficult to distinguish the moment of entering into bw world but I used to carry my older girl (now 7yo) a few times in elastic wrap. Since I didn’t know anything about tightening it, it wasn’t a good idea.

During my second pregnancy, I searched what I need from baby stuff and saw ssc. I started reading about bw and liked colourfull wraps and ring slings but I was determined to buy only one ssc.

When Mila, my second daughter, was 10 days old, I got my old elastic wrap and put her into it. I fell in love with the feeling and heard about LPN. There I entered in world of wraps and slings. I felt like Alice in Wonderland during testing different kinds of wraps. I learnt everything thanks to LPN. I was proud of myself because of my new skill which made my life so easier and more enjoyable.I am really wondering how people live without babywearing. And wraps 😁

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