Babywearing story Jelena Raic

I would say that the moment I became a babywearing fan was during my pregnancy. My very good friend invited me to participate in babywearing walk in our town. I liked it so much and I was very excited to walk with them next year.

Unfortunately, there was no walk this year but we walk in our sling or carrier every day. That same friend gave me her ring sling when my baby girl was born. Other friend gave me her woven wrap. How lucky am I with friends like that? Ring sling was a piece of cake, but woven wrap is still a mistery for me. But I keep trying. Later I bought ssc. So I kind of have a small stash now and we both enjoy it. One of the main reasons I like babywearing so much (beside having my baby close enough to kiss) is community that is so supportive and so non-judgemental. Enjoy babywearing.

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