Soul Moonstone Ring Sling

Soul Moonstone Ring Sling, 100% cotton, 222gsm

Sanja Markovic, Serbia

Thank’s to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) I have the opportunity to wear my baby in this beautifull sling. I love sling because the baby can by carried on the side that is very practical with babies who doesn’t like front carry. The sling i very confortable to wear during hot autumnt days. Love the color because is universal, both for boys and girls. It slides ok throught the rings. It’s soft enought to be comfortable for wearing both to mam and baby and thick enought to hold the baby in the right position. My baby boy is 10m old and 8kg

Maja Savic, Serbia

Rings Slings – Soul Moonstone M size – gray-white stripes is very easy to set up and is suitable for summer. The baby enjoys it when I carry it on my side, then he can see everything. The setting takes a few seconds, which is suitable for babies who are interested in the world around them and like to explore. It doesn’t suit us for longer walks because all the weight is on one side, but for shorter distances it’s great.

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