Yaro Slings Loops Purple Yellow

Yaro Slings Loops Purple Yellow
2m Ring Sling
60% Tencel, 40% Linen


Ana Vuletic, Finland

Beautiful sling I would say a great choice for Summer because of the blend. It holds perfectly my daughter of 9kg and demands a little breaking to glide through rings. It is a very thin wrap in hand and it looks like less gsm. Beautiful shinning of colours and the shoulder is nicely gathered so there is no extra material so it does fall from shoulder or imobilize your hand.

Katarina Ilić, Serbia

After three months of use, I can say that this sling is great.
Due to its composition (linen / tencel), it is suitable for summer.
That’s when I started using it.
When he was just arriving I needed to break it, but now it is completely broken and it didn’t take much time to do it.
The sling is very comfortable and glides through the rings nicely. The colors are beautiful.
At this point, my baby is 8 months old and about 9kg.
I think it is suitable for both small and large babies. Thanks #LPN and #yaroslings for the opportunity to use this sling❤️

Marija Teofilovic Jancijevic, Serbia

As soon as I saw this ring sling I was amazed by the design. The sling arrived freshly washed, and soft, and the colors were even prettier in person. The baby was 6 moths old, had around 8 kg and 68cm when we first received it. I tried to wear my baby in this sling, adjusted it over and over again, however, we just did not click. I felt the baby’s weight, and the rings would sometime get to low when I tried to adjust. The wrap would cut me on the shoulder, and I could not move my arm. I tried front and hip carry, and on the hip I did not feel as much weight, however it was the same on the shoulder. Unfortunately, this ring sling did not work for us, we simply could not adjust it, it was always too loose or too tight, and I think this was due to my lack of experience. The design and the material are beautiful, and the wrap is light in the hand.

Marija Mijatovic, Serbia

Thanks to LPN we got opportunity to try Yaro Loops Purple Yellow sling. This beautiful ring sling has been our guest for one month now and it is still with us. This was our first ring sling and I have no problem to set it. It is very comfortable, and easy to tie. Wrap is a so soft, great for summer. It takes less than a minute to set it and you are ready to go. Baby has 9 months now, and about 10 kilos.

Mihaela Varga, Serbia

As I’m new in babywearing world I don’t know much about blends but I loved the colors and design of this ring sling so I decided to give it a try. When it arrived I was amazed how soft and easy to adjust it was! My daughter is 5 months and 6,5 kg at the moment and we are using it in the house mostly (for some of day naps) but I’m looking forward to nicer weather to use it outside more 🙂 I’m very grateful to #lenastravelingcariers for the opportunity to enjoy this sling! Thank you for existing!

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