Babywearing Gathering in Serbia

Today is my birthday. I live in Finland. LTC I found and is based in Serbia, where I am born and spent most of my life. Today was babywearing gathering in Tasmajdan to celebrate love od babywearing, but something else has been done beside the scene, my birthday was celebrated with also dear guest from Croatia.

@oblacic.kolacic has made birthday muffins with wishes and LTC symbols.

But this pictures represent everything anyone needs to know about LTC and how much love and positive energy is spread here even passing many km distance. I am speechless of amount of love this parents shared with me and honored to be part of their lives and them part of mine.

There is no bigger proof that little idea can grow and spread and change a world, little by little, step by step, love by love, respect by respect.

Special thanks to very dear friend of mine, I will never find words to express everything I feel Marija Adamovic and how much I love you and how much you are special to me. Thank you also my dear friend @isidora_savetnica_za_nosenje who is always there to support us trough all crazy ideas and love.

Isidora babywearing consultant on the left and Marija Adamovic organiser of babywearing gathering on right side.

Thank you @soulslings for believing in us and allow us to spread a love further ❤️ I love you all. My Family.
#lenastravelingcarriers #itismybirthday #soulinSerbia #babywearing #maarijaadamkvic #isidorakosic #grli_mama #babywearingfamily #baby #family

And I am adding more pictures just for you to enjoy.

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