Babywearing workshop Belgrade

And now when  emotions come a bit down and I can write. This week was a roller-coaster for us.

So, something amazing happened. We all join forces to organise a first bigger babywearing workshop in Belgrade. @grli_mama as official shop of ergonomic babywearing carriers run by babywearing consultant  @isidora_savetnica_za_nosenje and @maladebeladevojka as brand ambassador of @kaya.design1 and LTC admin from shadow and @lenastravelingcarriers and @storkringsling first domestic brand of ring slings organise a gathering together with guest from owner of @kaya.design1 and amazing sweets made by @oblacic.kolacic.

It has all been in such a short notice and timeline frame but the outcome was amazing. We had 40 parents visit and learn and share this enormous energy with us. We heard about different types of carriers, parents could try out everything with help of babywearing consultants and expirienced mums and finally won some valuable prizes and eat some amazing sweets.

Workshop ended but we grow so much trough this expirience and this is many of those to come…

Isidora Kosić, babywearing consultant and also owner of Grli mama shop presented all types of carriers to explain better to parents options and benefits and how to use them.

Then Anca Valo creator of first Serbian brand Stork Ring Slings presented her story and where she found the inspiration and love for Babywearing.

Our guest from Kaya design Ivelina has been talking how she started with creation of this affordable but yet beautiful and above comfortable and quality carriers.

Radmila Gacina and Nina Jevtic has been representing LTC and Radmila explained how LTC is working and how everything started.

And then Marija Adamovic as brand ambassador of Kaya and also LTC admin from shadow has emotional speech which left us in tears.

After that there is lottery with valuable prizes and parents were able to try delicious sweets made by oblacic kolacic and try out with assistance different carriers. It was beautiful.

We are serious when we say we want that babywearing belongs to all so we are partnered with so many amazing people trough whole world and start making changes.

We need to act it will not happen trough night but we put everything in motion and finally after such a long time of sleepy approach in Serbia, we have a goal to rise it in higher level and give it all ❤️ See you soon on some other amazing  workshops where we can share and spread the love of babywearing and thank you all for so much love and energy. Thank you all for coming.

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