Zumbucca Onbuhimo

Zumbucca Onbuhimo

Tamara Crevar, Serbia

We had opportunity to try this beautiful onbuhimo 🙂 it was the first of this kind of carriers, and, I can say that it suite for me, no belt, easy to adjust, simple design, soft in hand and on shoulders. My boy is 17months now and 11kg and I think that I needed to pull everything to make him high on my shoulders. We couldn’t try onbuhimo in long walks, because of my new pregnancy and advice NOT to wear him …. but, for short ones, from home to childcare it was perfect 🙂
Thanks to Zumbucca and Lena’s traveling carriers

Ivana Antić, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Zumbucca we had opportunity to try so, so beautiful onbuhimo with animal print. Beside this beautiful print, this onbu iz very comfortable and easy to adjust. During the testing period the girl was 3 years old and 13 kg, but I also tried with a boy of 5 years and 16 kg. In both cases I did not feel their weight on my shoulders. The only thing that didn’t fit me was that I couldn’t get a high enough position because I didn’t have more straps to tighten(170 cm, 58kg)

Snežana Klještan, Serbia

I have tried this onbuhimo with my 4 years old boy, who is around 19kg and size 110/116. Even the design is not my cup of tea I really enjoy wearing in it. It is easy to set up and really quickly and it was comfortable for both of us. We recommend it.

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