Freda baby size carrier

Freda Baby size carrier, from birth to 1.5/2 years old (max 20kg)

Miljana Djurkovic, Serbia

Thanks for the opportunity to try this wonderful carrier. This is our first tester and we don’t have much experience, but it fulfill all our expectations. The carrier came adjusted so we didn’t touch anything. It’s too comfortable. The baby is 4 months old, 8 kg and 65cm long. The panel was shrunk and was knee-to-knee. The baby enjoyed carrying it, and I didnt feel its weight either on my shoulders or in my back. Thx again to #lenastravelingcareiers and #Freda

Sneguljica Jo, Serbia

Through the # lenastravelingcarriers group, we applied at the same time to test Fred’s baby and toddler size carriers . Baby size arrived first. It seemed kind of stiff at first, but it bent around the baby nicely during mounting. For my taste, the straps are a bit tight and thin, though they do hold the baby’s weight nicely. The tester is 14kg and is almost 2 years old. We wore only on the back so I can say that wearing it, despite the fact that we were a little bigger for this carrier, was very comfortable. This was our first purple 💜carrier to test. Although we did not use it, the hood with ears is an absolute hit. Thanks for the opportunity to wear this cute carrier #lenastravelingcarriers and #carriersByFreda

Selena Smiljanić, Serbia

This is the first carrier we have tried. Moving from thin woven
wrap into it wasn’t the most enjoyable experience. The baby who used to curl up on mom here had a much more straightened spine, and she didn’t fall enough into the panel. It was a new position, and she didn’t easily accept it. Baby is 3.5 months old and almost 6 kg. Because of the carrier’s bulkyness, little baby remained in the background. That was my personal feeling too, so I missed our closenes. I would like to mention that shoulder straps are very comfortable and the baby’s weight is nicely arranged. Anyway, I want to thank Lena’s traveling carriers for the opportunity to understand what really suits us in bebywearing.

Marina Stanojevic, Serbia

Thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers and #CarriersByFreda we tested this lovely baby size carrier.Color is very nice,straps are soft, carrier is supportive and easy to adjust. Hood with ears is very sweet detail.We use it for a longer walks around the town and it works very well, l didnt fell baby weight.

Jelena Dobrić, Serbia

Thanks to #lenineputujucenosiljke we tried this Freda carrier. We didn’t loved it like we love wraps or ring slings. I didn’t like the stripes because they can’t wear cross back. And the belt vas a little uncomfortable for me. But the material was pleasent, and the color is one of my favorites. The baby tester is 9 months old and 8kg.

Jovana Aleksic, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Freda we had an opportunity to try this cute Freda baby size carrier. Baby is 4 months and 7kg. We don’t have that much experience in babywearing but we enjoyed this carrier. Carrier is simple to adjust, material is very soft and lightweight and the straps are comfortable. The hod with ears is very cute, but we prefer detachable ones. We enjoyed it very much. Thanks once again.

Miomir Jovanović, Serbia

I would like to thak to #lenineputujucenosiljke for this amazing opportunity to try this beautiful carrier. The tester is 4 months old and she weighs 6.200 grams. The carrier is very simple to adjust and the material is very nice and pleasant. The carrier is also very light and our girl was enjoying in it. I really like Freda baby carrier but I would like to recommend Freda to make the straps adjustable for crossing. Carrying panel is very wide and I like that very much. It looks like it hugs the baby. I would like to recommend Freda baby carrier to everyone.

Jelena Ristic Ex Stojanovic, Serbia

I was very exited to test this carrier, until it came to us. I can only say that it isn’t bad, but it’s not what I expected. Shoulder straps were cozy, but the panel was small for my baby boy. We tested Freda toddler carrier after Freda baby, and it was much better. In my opinion Freda baby carrier is for smaller babies, or for babies with shorter legs 😊. I was satisfied that I have tried this carrier and now I know that every carrier isn’t suitable for every child😍. Thank you #lenastravelingcarriers for this chance!!!

Sandra Ambruš, Serbia

Thanks to #lenineputujucenosiljke LPN , I got the chance to test Freda carrier baby size. It was a real pleasure those 5 days. So far, this carrier has been the best fit for me. It is the most comfortable of all tested, soft, easy to set up and the baby enjoyed and would fall asleep in it very fast.
Thank you LPN i #Freda for this opportunity.

Ivana Kostic Lacmanovic, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and #Freda we had an opportunity to try this  Freda baby size carrier. My baby is 8 months old and about 8, 5 kg at the moment of testing. Material is nice and soft, straps and belt are comfortable,easy to adjust. Love the color and the pattern is very interesting. Thanks #Freda and #LPN

Marijana Olbina, Serbia

I have to admit this wasn’t love at first wear but it became a very special carrier for me.
Firstly, I didn’t like the firm belt because it hurt my hips when I was wearing trousers. It lacked lumbal cushion and front pouch, which were the features I liked on the previous two carriers I tried. Also I like it more when the hood is removable.
But the fabric was great, supportive, conformable for Iskra, airy, and the carrier was easy to adjust.
With every new day and every new wear I got used to it. It became more comfortable for me and I liked it more and more. The firm belt, although not as comfortable as the soft one, actually worked better for my waist, because it stayed where it was, and wasn’t lowering at all, which happens a lot because I have a really small waist.
My brother was getting married while Freda was with us, so Freda was actually the reason we were able to stay at the wedding party until 10pm, because Iskra was sleeping in it and was dancing in it with me, and had a great time.
In the end, when I realized it was the time to send it away, I was so sad.
This is definitely a good carrier, it is just a matter of what you prefer.

Slavica Tosic, Serbia

Colour, pattern and ears on hood are so sweet. Carrier is comfortable, easy to adjust. My little one was 11 months old and at about 11 kg weight at the moment of testing. I am not sure what is related to, number of testers before me or someone has been not gentle at all with carrier, but straps has been stretched too much and buckle was easily opened, once even during walk when I have touched it. So we have not use it more after that.

Ana Stanković, Serbia

We hosted Freda Baby Size in nice purple colour last week. My baby is 9 months old, weighing between 9,5 and 10 kg. This carrier is lightweighting and very simple to adjust. Unfortunately, my boy wasn’t cooperative at all for the period of testing. He started wiggling and trying to escape after 10 minutes every time. 🤷 I got the feeling it was not so comfortable for him, because he did enjoy being carried in a wrap or ring sling in this period. The hood is really cute. Thanks Lenastravelingcarriers and Freda Babycarriers.

Mila Aleksić, Serbia

I’ve had the chance to test a Freda baby carrier thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers and I have to say we were thrilled! The baby loved it so much that we started using it at night to put her to sleep. Very comfortable on my back and definitely comfortable for my daughter. She is currently 3 and a half months and weights 6,5kg.

Ivana Grekulovic, Serbia

I am delighted with this baby carrier. My warm recommendations. It is very light, made of pleasing material. Panel provides baby knee-to-knee support. Shoulders straps and mom belt are very comfortable. Baby’s weight is evenly distributed (five and half months and weight about 7 kg). The hood with ears is an interesting detail. I carried my baby both in the rain and in the wind and we enjoyed ourselves. #lenastravellingcarriers #carriersByFreda

Milica Sofronijevic, Serbia

I’ve had the chance to test a Freda baby carrier thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers and I have to say we were thrilled! It was the first time ever that my baby fell a sleep in any carrier! 😃 Carrier is very comfortable! Thank U again #lenatravelingcarriers for the chance to test this amazing carrier. 🥰

Jelena Grekulovic, Serbia

Thanks to #lenineputujucenosiljke and #Freda for opportunity to use this baby carrier. We use this baby carrier for the second time. It was tested for the first time. The second time we usedd it for 3 months. About comfort and funcionality, I would not write. The impressions are fantastic as the first time (at that time, my baby was five and half months old). We spent many beautiful moments in Freda, but also many hours of sleep. Once again, warm recommendations for this baby carrier.

Ivana Tadić Stojković, Serbia

This is the first carrier we tried. I’m delighted in way that is sewed. So soft, light and beautiful color (my favorite purple 💜). Easy and fast to fit. Great fpr long walks and hiking. 😊 Thanks for opportunity to try this georgeous carrier.

Maja Živković, Serbia

Thanks to #lenineputujucenosiljke and #carriersbyfreda we had a chanse to rent and use this lovely Freda baby carrier, and we are delighted! It was a “love at first wear”🥰 My baby is 2,5 monts old and weights 5,5kg and she’s always immediately fall asleep when I put her in. It’s very confortable for both of us and easy to adjust. My warm recommendations for this carrier♥️

Milica Ćirić, Serbia

First of all I would like to thank #lenastravelingcarriers and #CarriersbyFreda for making it possible for us to try this beautiful carrier. We enjoyed every moment with it until the baby did not want to be carried anymore. The carrier is comfortable and easy to adjust once you get used to it. The design is beautiful, Freda did a perfect job. I did not feel the baby’s weight and thought the carrier was light, however I would not recommend it to these warm summer days, but all in all, it is great. ❤️❤️❤️

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