Freda baby size carrier

Freda Baby size carrier, from birth to 1.5/2 years old (max 20kg)

Miljana Djurkovic, Serbia

Thanks for the opportunity to try this wonderful carrier. This is our first tester and we don’t have much experience, but it fulfill all our expectations. The carrier came adjusted so we didn’t touch anything. It’s too comfortable. The baby is 4 months old, 8 kg and 65cm long. The panel was shrunk and was knee-to-knee. The baby enjoyed carrying it, and I didnt feel its weight either on my shoulders or in my back. Thx again to #lenastravelingcareiers and #Freda

Sneguljica Jo, Serbia

Through the # lenastravelingcarriers group, we applied at the same time to test Fred’s baby and toddler size carriers . Baby size arrived first. It seemed kind of stiff at first, but it bent around the baby nicely during mounting. For my taste, the straps are a bit tight and thin, though they do hold the baby’s weight nicely. The tester is 14kg and is almost 2 years old. We wore only on the back so I can say that wearing it, despite the fact that we were a little bigger for this carrier, was very comfortable. This was our first purple 💜carrier to test. Although we did not use it, the hood with ears is an absolute hit. Thanks for the opportunity to wear this cute carrier #lenastravelingcarriers and #carriersByFreda

Selena Smiljanić, Serbia

This is the first carrier we have tried. Moving from thin woven
wrap into it wasn’t the most enjoyable experience. The baby who used to curl up on mom here had a much more straightened spine, and she didn’t fall enough into the panel. It was a new position, and she didn’t easily accept it. Baby is 3.5 months old and almost 6 kg. Because of the carrier’s bulkyness, little baby remained in the background. That was my personal feeling too, so I missed our closenes. I would like to mention that shoulder straps are very comfortable and the baby’s weight is nicely arranged. Anyway, I want to thank Lena’s traveling carriers for the opportunity to understand what really suits us in bebywearing.

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