Mamaruga Zensling Black Triangle

Jasmina Marinković, Serbia


#lenastravelingcarriers #mamarugainserbia
Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps)💕and Mamaruga we had the oportunity to try the Mamaruga Zensling carrier 😊. This is our first carrier with buckles so when it arrived I thought I’m never going to set it properly 😲 but it wasn’t hard just by folowing instructions on Mamaruga site and youtube 😁. We loved how amazingly soft and squishy, lightweight, comfortable and adjustable it was. The soft, stretchy panel and the waistband gave us extra support and comfort, although sometimes I had a feeling that the waistband was too soft. The hood we used when he was asleep and to protect from rain and wind, by tying the two little fabric ties into the loops on the carrier’s padded shoulder, and that is the one little thing about this carrier that we didn’t like, it wasn’t so easy to adjust. We were only carrying in front, with crossed straps over my back and baby’s weight (3 months old, round 6,6kg) is evenly distributed, I didn’t feel that pain in the back that I usually feel. It was hard for me when alone to spread the straps evenly over my shoulders, but we tried it and it looks nice. It was comfy anyway.
It was great to cuddle and falling a sleep either we were in the house or outside so the overall impression is that this is a lovely carrier that we enjoyed.

Miljana Šabli, Serbia


Thanks to Lena’s travelling carriers and wraps and Mamaruga we had a pleasure to test Mamaruga Zensling carrier 😊. I liked a lot how soft, comfortable and adjustable it was. The panel is soft, really stretchy and the waistband gave us extra support and comfort. 😍 I didn’t feel a baby’s weight, around 10kg and 13 months. 😊😊 We didn’t use the hood at all, because my baby boy doesn’t sleep outside, while testing this carrier. 😉 We tried to carry only in front, with crossed straps over my back and it was nice, for a change. Only thing I didn’t like is the colour. 🖤 We had a great time with lovely Mamaruga Zensling. 💙

Milica Čičak, Serbia


We had a big pleasure to test Mamaruga Zensling Black Triangle and a huge thanks to Mamaruga and Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps! ❤️ The first impression was that it’s very soft! Everything is soft – shoulder straps, panel, belt. However, shoulder straps do not intersect which is awesome for me since I like soft. They are not too stuffed, I like that a lot. The thing I like the most is the comfort I feel while using it. I have two children available as potential testers. 🙂 The younger baby is 3 months old and weights 5.8kg. Older is not a baby anymore, she is 3 and a half years old and weights around 13kg. Both of them tested the carrier and every time it was comfortable.

One more thing I like is the way the system for the belt width is made (the belt that goes around parent’s waist). Panel can be pulled towards the middle, as usuall, but there’s no velcro or belt to hold sides together. They are free to move, but they stay fixed during use. At this point I don’t consider necessary velcro or belt there, and on the other hand, this way is more soft and more comfortable for baby’s legs. And the belt is long.

Strapping shoulder belt is wide and it can be pulled easily and quickly. Adjustable for carrying at front and back.

Considering all this, I find that this carrier is a great choice for all baby ages and all parent sizes. 🙂 I feel free to say that this is the carrier I like the most so far. ❤️
#lenastravelingcarriers #mamarugainserbia #lovemamaruga

Vesna Djinovic, Serbia


Thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers and #mamarugainserbia we had a pleasure to test Mamaruga Zensling Black Triangle. Like some moms say the first impression was that it’s very soft. Shoulder straps are really soft and I didn’t feel my baby weight (13+ kg, 13 months old). Older son is 4 years old and 16 kg weight. I carried him for 5-10 min but still it was comfortable and we enjoyed it. I like the belt too. They are easy to move, but stay fixed during use. This carrier is adjustable for carrying at front and back. Thank you again Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps) and Mamaruga love for this oportunity.

Snežana Klještan, Serbia


I`m really glad that I had the chance to try out this carrier. I really liked how it looked and felt, it is very pretty and soft But my back didn`t like the crossing of the straps, so I wore straps parallelly but then it annoyed me that I needed help for adjustment of straps, I just couldn`t do it all by myself. The waistband is very soft so it kept flipping. Other than this it is a good and pretty carrier

Selma Hamidović Kujučev, Serbia

We had the chance to meet Mamaruga. The material was wonderful at the first sight, exactly what I like. But unfortunately we haven’t clicked. Actually, the waistband is not the same as with the other carriers with buckles and that makes the differene. I wasn’t able to put the shoulder straps in a good way and to fixate them and I really hoped we would make it. I’m really glad that I had the chanxe to try out different types to see which one suits me the best. Usually crossed straps suit me the best. #lenastravelingcarriers #mamarugainserbia

Nataša Bogičević, Serbia

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to try out this carrier as much as I wanted, but here is my “expert” reviw. Very soft and nice. The problem was in the waistbelt which kept flipping. What bothered me the most is that I couldn’t get the M-position of legs. And I reall tried hard to adjust the panel in many ways. Every time knees kept hanging, falling, i. e. there was no knee-to-knee support so it felt like my testee of 8 months and 8 kg is sitting on the belt. The crossed shoulder straps were ok, but I couldn’t work out what is the use of that part which spreads over shoulders: nor was I able to spread it neither did it carry some weight. In my case – useless. At the end, one more minus for the solution how to fixate the hood – I don’t find this way reliable.
This is probably one review which praised the least, but I think there is no use in lying. You understood that I wouldn’t buy this carrier but I’m really grateful to LTC for this opportunity to try a kot of things. Also, Mamaruga has a big plus from me just because they created something different. Thank you! 💕💕💕

Jelena Krsmanović Ardeljan, Serbia

We had the pleasure to host Mamaruga Zensling Black Triangle thanks to Lena’s travelling carriers and Mamaruga. We were happy because we got the chance to try put something with buckles and because it happened during New Year’s holidays so it stayed with us a bit longer than ususal. Wr planned a lot, but bronhitis made it not possible. We used this carrier to visit Santa Claus and doctor, but nostly around the house. My first impression is that it is very soft. I was a bit sceptic about shoulder straps because I have some troubles with my back and I thought they wouldn’t fit me, but I didn’t feel them. I didn’t feel baby’s weight, so that is another plus. The waistbelt was also good. The only thing I didn’t like is the hood and the way to fixate the hood. Thank you for the opportunity to try something with buckles. 😀😀 #lenastravelingcarriers #mamarugainserbia

Jovana Aradski, Serbia

This carrier was tried out by a boy of 12 kg and 22 months.
I liked the look of this carrier but also the quality of Mamaruga carriers. This was the second carrier by Mamaruga. 💙💚💛

I was a bit sceptic because of the material which the shoulder straps are made of but I was surprised at the first try. It fitted perfectly. I like its simplicity and crossed straps.
The waistbelt was just as it should be. I almost didn’t feel baby’s weight. We were really satisfied 💛 Some did even take a nap 👶👼😴

Doroteja Bejuk, Croatia

My little testee has 14 kg and more than 90 cn. At first I really liked the carrier. A gread handicap is waistband which flips under some weight. Shoulder straps are amazing as is the material of this carrier. The only objection goes to lateral belt which is quite difficult to ajdust on your own. And you also need to be careful all the time not to lose it once you put it off. All in all, it is an ok carrier. Note 3 out of 5
#mamaruga #mamarugacarriers #lenastravelingcarrier

Ivana Tominac, Croatia

#lenastravelingcarriers #mamarugaincroatia
We had a chance to try this carrier thanks to the #lenastravelingcarriers ♥️
When i first seen it looked preety great, really, really soft, elegant and adjustable. I tryed it wit my toddler which has 13 kg and with a baby who has 6 kg. Unfortunatly i didn’t succeed to get the belt without fliping. I tryed to get it higher and lower, but i just couldn’t do it. Beside this, this is really great carrier. 😁
Thank you for this chance 💪

Maja Ivanković Polak, Croatia

We tested this carrier as an xl mom and a 15-month-old weighing 11 kilo (82cm). Unfortunately, I didn’t like this carrier at all- perhaps we were just too big for it, but I didn’t find the straps supportive enough, and the waist belt kept flipping. I personally wouldn’t choose this particular carrier, but appreciate the opportunity to try it.

Sara Dabić, Croatia

#mamarugaincroatia #lenastravelingcarriers
We had the chance to try out Zensling Black Triangle. I really liked how soft the carrier is. At first I was a bit confused how to buckle it, but after some time I got used to it and we were ready to move in just few seconds. It was quite comfortable to wear my almost 1 year old and almost 10 kilos girl who likes to wiggle a lot.The only thing I am still confused about is what is the use of extra material on straps. One thing I didn`t like is the way how to fixate the hoodie; it`s definitely to complicated.

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