Carriers for children with special needs

Going trough a internet and thinking about families who needed special carriers as they can’t use regular ones and a lot of discussion on that topic I found just one producer making them in USA.

Freeloader is specially designed for kids with special needs and it comes with pretty high price tag for Balkan standard. But I was determined to try to get at least one at first. I have write an email to Freeloader team and they were amazing and super supportive providing us with huge discount.
So, I ask members of my group what they think about it and everyone was so positive so we set up a funding and raise for first carrier which will be donated to School “Milan Petrovic” in Novi Sad, Serbia – who will use it for their needs and also allows to parents to rent it when they need it. We had a huge support here along mums and BMW club Serbia.
We have been celebrating our first victory in gathering money and ordering one carrier when I got an inquiry in inbox about one special boy with Spina Bifida and I was amazed how much adventures his parents providing him and how positive attitude trough life they have, so I set another goal. I wanted to raise for one more. And it has been done in such a short time that I was so proud on a group and mums who helped in making a dream come true.  It was such a rush of adrenaline and such a positive outcome. I was amazed by all how support this idea.

In this group we prove that nothing is impossible and we all can make a huge change just having a bit of fate in good.

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