HugBug elastic wrap

HugBug elastic wrap.

Material: 95% cotton i 5% lycra

Jovana Jovanović, Serbia

I had opportunity to try this wrap with my 2nd child. First severely times I always watched tutorials, but now we are “pro” and I can wrap it in a minute. 😉
Baby immediately after few minutes fell asleep. Plus for me is quick wrapping and putting him inside when he’s not in the mood. Mines is that sometimes is too hot just having the wrap + baby next to me.
Anyhow, I’m very satisfied how baby always fell asleep cause he loves sleeping on the chest.
Thanks a lot for this opportunity to try it.

Silvana Mačak, Serbia

Considering I have 2 older daughters who go to School and I’m the one who has to take them I really have to be prepared. The Hug Bug wrap was a saviour and I didn’t feel my babys’ weight at all. We both enjoyed it. I taught that wraping and setting it would be complicated but we learned really quickly and we’re ready for a walk in no time. My hands were free and je slept till se got home. All in all a Great wrap that I would reccomend to everyone.

Ivana Eringer, Serbia

At the time that we were babywearing Here my Marko is 1.5months old and weighs 7kg. I bought a ring sling so I would be able to start carrying him from the start, however it just wasn’t right for me. That is why I am loving the stretchy wrap that made it possible for me to babywear confidently. When first using it I had some issues tightening and wraping it correctly but it got easyer after each try. I still wrap it in front of a mirror but am sure I’ll get even better with time. Babywearing is amazing, it gives the feeling of your baby being so close to you as if you are still carrying them in your belly. I want to thank this one of a kind group for giving my baby and me the opportunity to enjoy.

Milica Djukanovic, Serbia

With my second child I used a ring sling but I couldn’t always find the best position, and since that was 10 years ago there wasn’t enough information about proper positioning and adjusting. I wanted to try out something now with my third child and the choice that seemed the easiest was the Hug bug elastic wrap. When I rented it I was still pregnant but I planned to use it wherever we went if I learned how to adjust it and the baby liked it. My girl is now 11 weeks old, she weighs 4900 and is only breastfed. She is much lighter than my older children and started gaining weight in the second month, the first she gained only 500g but is doing much better now. Not a pre term baby, the pregnancy was ok, but a bit sleepy the first month because of jaundice.
I am of average height 166cm but the kg… not the data to be displayed 🙂 but I do have now around 10 or 15 more than what should be ok. I also have some back problems occasionally, the usual for new mommas anyway.
I think I learned how to position her correctly the second time I tried, it’s actually not that complicated as I expected it to be. I managed to do it in the car with the restricted space too. It is not heavy on my back either even after walking for longer periods. The baby likes it, she falls asleep very fast and I can do stuff around the house. I even managed to make some breadrolls from scratch and she slept the whole time. I haven’t become an expert in breastfeeding in a wrap but we managed to do it a few times, and it’s been a lifesaver in a few occasions when she had tummy aches because of colics.
My only problem with the wrap is that it becomes too hot to carry her in it if the weather is about 25-30 degrees outside because it’s 3 layers of it actually, so it’s not the perfect choise for summer I must admit.
Unfortunately the whole corona thing struck us amidst the testing so we’ve been out with the wrap less than 10 times, I wish we could have used it more, but it’s been great around the house. I just wasn’t able to convince my husband so far to try it but the older sons were happy to try 🙂
I definitely recommended this wrap for younger babies, for all seasons except summer and for first time carriers too because it’s easy to get the hang of it.
Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers)

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