The most loved carries in 2018 based on reviews

And as it is the end of this very turbulent year behind us and we will provide you with a list of the most loved carriers in 2018 based on real mums reviews. In consideration are those who were in our stash in a past year, trough donation or if they have been bought.

We had in a past year lot of amazing brands joining our mission to achieve that Babywearing belongs to everyone. We are giving our best to cover as much as we can and rent free of charge to those who can’t afford but still would love to carry their kids. We could never imagine that we will get such a great support from most of the brands and we are truly grateful. We have been renting our carriers in past 6 months over 700 times in 3 countries and grow our stash to 150 carriers and members to over 1300.
So we want to put our list of the best reviewed carriers in 2018. by regular mums, some of those have large experience in babywearing and some are new to this world.
All reviews haven’t been put yet on the website it is going slowly, but you will be able to read them separately soon.


1. Woven Wings Droplets Summer Blaze

79% cotton and 21% linen, 300 gsm

The Woven Wings droplets put high expectation as we all were inpatient to arrive. It has just finished the first tour of testing and have not disappointed anybody. Testers were amazed by every aspect of this wrap and there were no complains for anything – it is beautiful, firm and holds smaller and larger babies.

2. Storchenwiege Leo

The Storchenwiege Leo Marine was one of the first wraps i bought when we start with a project. Later Storchenwiege is joining us with generous donation which was also inducing 3 additional wraps from Leo collection.
It is 100% cotton wrap which can be used from newborns but also for toddlers. And this is the collection we all really love. It is elegant in design, nothing over the top and that simplicity is what people fell in love with. And when you wrap it is a totally game changer as it easily wrap, stays firm and holds very well with  all ages and weights. Another + is that the price is not over the top and if you need to choose one wrap to invest, this could be it.

3. Luluna Unicorn Sunrise

60% combed cotton and 40% micro tencel, 240sgm

Ah, many have a weakness on Luluna designs as it has an amazing range so everyone can find something for himself. We got this beautiful Unicorn wrap.  The testers were constantly pointing out how it is thin and soft and easily wrapped, and yes colors, everyone loved the brightness of this design. Most of our testers in 2018. have babies under 10kg so there were few concerns how it will hold larger babies but everyone agreed till 10kg it is a perfect wrap.

4. Soul Slings Corralium size 7

100% cotton, 280gsm
The Soul Slings was already loved in Balkan due their specific cotton and softness so when we got donation Soul Corralium wrap – it did not come so surprising that everyone have loved it. From design to softness and firmness everyone praised it.  It is unbelievable wrap and everyone wanted one.


1. SlingStudio Falling Feathers Black Stork

This Ring Sling was donation from Sling Studio and it is still in a testing tour as it will visit 4 countries. But in past months it has been already visit around 20 parents and we have enough reviews to conclude this sling is ultimate gold. Except few testers at the beginning who had a bit itchiness because of silk it was unanimous that this ring sling is perfect combination of material and it is simply glides trough rings and it does not move. Most of testers was sorry it can’t stay for longer, some of them put them in a bucket list and we also got few inquires for ransom. 


1.  Bazzinga Baby carrier “Optimum”

Bazzinga Baby carrier “Optimum”, along with “Primus” model and Toddler are one of the most loved carriers in our group. They were first to support us with our idea so they have been used the most so we got most reviews for them. And one thing is the constant – amazing carrier, fits perfectly, easily adjustable on every possible way. The main thing about Bazzinga carriers that they are each hand made and you can choose design and they have been done in Bosnia and Herzegovina by one amazing mum. The another thing they are price friendly so most members in our group who were testing before buying end up with one or two.

2. Isara V3 Standard Turquoise full wrap conversion carrier

Isara is well known brand in babywearing and they cover all. All you need you can find in their shop.
They have donate to us stunning V3 Standard turquoise full wrap conversion carrier and first of all – what a color.  It pops up and you will always notice it. Second, it is soft and most people fell in love in it.  The main thing, our mums said, it is because it is made of wrap that perfectly follows the body of the baby and the one who carries.

3. Neko Switch Alba adjustable carrier

And this is a come a bit of surprise as our market was not particularly familiar with this brand so we did not know what to expect. But, mums love it. Simply they – love it.  They point out is so soft, the baby fells in like it should, it is light weight and holds excellent all the testers. The other thing is about design, I personally know that lot of testers mum not prefer pink as a color, but it came up as a surprise that even them like this combination and how it looks. So, Neko good job there.  Mums also like that is easily adjustable to be the right fit. So, I am sure we will see more Neko on our market after we finish testing tour.


1. Storchenwiege Aqua carrier

The truth is that this carrier just recently started a test tour, but those mums who already tried it are blown away, so that is the reason why it comes on this list, this year. The color is yes amazing, the design is perfectly adjusted to cover all for maximum comfort. This carrier allow you to make a just perfect fit from newborn to older kiddos and that’s why we love it. We have never doubt in Storchenwiege and we are never disappointed in what they deliver.  The main conclusion is that you never be wrong with this brand so that is the reason this year they have landed 2 places for the best one.



1. Bazzinga Onbuhimo

We told you that Bazzinga is loved. So this is not a surprise at all. We have several brands of onbuhimos in our group, but Bazzinga is so loved that we must put it on a first place. It is so easy, perfect curves of shoulders, right size of everything. The main thing is it does not bothers you under the arms, especially mums who usually have problems with that (like me). So you can fell in love in Onbu as carrier or not, but there is no doubt all fell in love in this one.

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